Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weekend fun: Wichita, Presidents Day fun

After gymnastics, we headed straight to Wichita for a quick weekend trip to visit Lauren and David and see baby Landon again - and we were planning on meeting Katie, Barry and their kiddos there too (they drove up from Oklahoma).

It was an easy drive for the most part and the kids were good - it's always a hit or miss when you try to drive during nap time - crossing your fingers that they will nap.  Luckily, both kids were pooped from gymnastics and did nap!!

We got there right at the same time as Katie and her family and the kids started playing and we started loving on Landon.  Katie's boys are just 6 months younger than our kiddos- and they had a good time, even though I felt like Charlie and Maddie bullied James and William the whole time (sorry Katie!).

Time flew by and the boys watched the KU vs. Oklahoma game in their awesome theater room (luckily KU won for Jimmy's mood) and the kids just ran around after each other and showed Lauren all the places she is going to need to baby proof in a few months when Landon starts to crawl and get into everything - ha!  Isn't that the truth!?

We ordered some pizza, ate that and in the mean time, the Ruddick family headed back to Oklahoma and we started to settle in for the night.  Maddie is literally obsessed with Landon.  We couldn't get her away from him and from the looks of it, he was pretty interested in her....

...except when she started getting all up on him.

But seriously - I'm SOOOOOO disappointed at myself for not demanding that we take a picture of the three girls and all our babies.  Like I'm the picture crazy person and I should have just made everyone sit down and do it because I'm so mad we didn't get a picture of all the kids!! GRRR!  The crew is multiplying over again and it needs to be documented!

After we put the kids to bed, we all went downstairs to have some wine and watch some TV.  And then we got too old and tired and it was time to go to sleep.  I slept with Charlie - which was "interesting" but after a while after I got in there, he settled down we had a good snuggle sesh.  

The next morning, Charlie was up early (as usual) and we all got dressed and met Ali and her gang at the Donut Whole - which was DELICIOUS. Oh my goodness.  All kinds of delicious cake doughnuts.  We got fruity pebbles, red velvet (in honor of Valentine's Day!!!) and even one with gummy worms on top - talk about delicious.  So we got to meet Baby June and then Nelle, Maddie, Henry and Charlie got to run around and act like crazy kids together.  Being with Ali and her family always makes me feel so NORMAL, which I love so much.  Like yep, it's ok that my kids are a little crazy and maybe don't listen to me all the time.  Because hers don't either and I love them and her for that.  She's a great great gal with an amazing family.

We headed back to Lauren's to chat with them for a little bit before we headed out. Luckily for Charlie (and all our sanity), we only got about 40 miles out of town when Lauren called to say David found Charlie's backpack that we left and all his cars and guys - pretty much the ONLY toys he's obsessed with and plays with.  Oh jeez.  So we turned around and she met us half way (thank God for great friends!) and the toys were saved.  We are horrible at leaving toys places for sure.

After a quick bite to eat, all the little people passed back out about until we got to Kansas City.  
Thank goodness!  But seriously, are kids just not the sweetest when you stare at them while sleeping?

I also came home to some fun Young Living Essential Oils that I'm excited to try!!!

While it was Valentine's sister had offered to cook dinner for my whole family, so we headed over to her house and enjoyed a delicious pasta dinner with salad and some dessert - thanks Aunt Lulu!

Of course we capped off our V-Day with the most romantic thing ever - watching the Tanner and Jade bachelor wedding - yes we did.

As for Monday?  The stock markets are closed, so I have the day off and my kids school was closed too - so we got to spend the day together.  I did want to run to Hobby Lobby and my dad offered to come over and hang with them - which was so nice and made my shopping trip more fun, but also more expensive!  I might have spent too much money at Hobby Lobby and IKEA already on Friday for our entryway details, but then bought some more for the buffet in the dining room.  I'm a fan (just need to remove the price tags!)

I came home to these three watching a movie and couldn't help but laugh at this scene.  Hahahaha.  And where are my kids clothes??  I'm glad that my dad decided to stay clothed!

After lunch and a nap, we were excited to have some girl time to just hang out while waiting for Charlie to wake up!

It was so nice that we headed to the park....for about 15 minutes.  Haha my kids.

But then we stopped at Sonic happy hour and everyone was happy.

I love that Maddie got up on this chair by herself to enjoy her slushie and look "outside"

Such a big girl now - and such a great weekend.

We loved spending time with friends so much and glad that our kids travel well too!  And the day off was an extra bonus - even if I did spend too much money - at least I got some cute decorations on sale :)


  1. We love hanging with you guys too! xo

  2. So glad you came to visit us! It was a fun weekend! Wish we took more pictures too... Next time!🤗😘