Monday, March 21, 2016

21 weeks!

Happy Monday - I'm going to catch up because (per usual) I'm a week behind!

How Far Along?  21 weeks - as of errrr- a week or so ago :)  I am going to take my 22 week picture only a few days late - which is good!

Size of Baby: about the size of a celery bunch (6.5 - 7lbs)

Gender: It's a SURPRISE! 

Weight Gain: 13-15lbs now, depending on the day.  When people say that I've "popped" they aren't kidding.  This baby bump is in full force.

Nursery: I posted some nursery board inspiration, which I'm hoping to bring together.  I got to Home Depot to pick out white paint samples over the weekend (OMG there are SO many different colors of white people!), so I'll be looking at those.  I need to get the fabric ordered and make Jimmy do a switcheroo of the furniture (i.e. guest room furniture downstairs and white crib that's in the basement upstairs!)

Movement: I am feeling the babe a little more now, which is reassuring.  I am waiting for the bigger kicks.  I do need to take a chill pill every once and a while because I feel like when I get irritated all of a sudden (like when I was folding all the kids laundry and Charlie came in and deliberately walked through all his clean, folded shirts!!! GRRR) and make a quick noise or yell, the baby reacts.  It's weird - and makes me feel the need to chill out (as easy as that is...)

Symptoms: Feeling ok this past week or so - SO glad that food aversions are gone.  So glad.  Just the pressure continues and I cannot stand for too long or sit for too long.  I'm so glad I got my London trip out of the way this pregnancy (versus with Maddie I went to London around this time of the pregnancy) because I'm not sure I could sit for all those long flights like I did.  I have been keeping up exercising and trying to move, but then giving myself a break to sit down and put my legs up because the veins are killing me.

Sleep:  Well thanks to Miss Maddie and her potty training - not getting much of this.  However, I will say now that I'm glad we attempted this now and these are the results versus waiting until after baby s here because I would be a whole lot less patient with her if I had a newborn up every 3 hours to feed + a kid waking up having to pee.  Jimmy is super irritated she's waking up - but she's waking up (once or twice - usually just once around 5) screaming because she has to pee and doesn't want to go in her diaper.  As much as it sucks, I think it's a good thing because she's getting the whole concept completely.  It just sucks so bad because no one wants to get up and do it!

Cravings: Nothing really specific - I will get a type of food that I want in my head and have to have it sooner rather than later.  I.e. the Chinese food we had last night.

What I Miss: Running around with my two other kids!!  I'm able to do it still - but already feeling like I'm large and in charge - and still have 18 weeks (or I guess per this post 19 weeks) to go!

Best Moment This Week: I just love when Charlie or Maddie will randomly come up and kiss my belly.  They do it and it's so sweet.

Panic Moment This Week: Everything nursery.  I want to snap my fingers and have the room ready to go.  Even though the baby will not care, I just want a place to put their clothes, supplies, etc.  

Looking Forward To:  Easter weekend with the family - love the Easter egg hunts and meals and fun!


  1. THE cutest little bump!!
    I'm am so impressed you're waiting to find out the gender. I thought I could do it with both babies, but each time my doctor asked if I wanted to find out my answer was always a knee jerk, "YES!!" I'm super new to your blog - did you wait with your other babies, or did you find out with them?

    1. Oh my gosh - NO! I absolutely couldn't with our first two! Was just too nervous about everything with my first and then our second was a complete surprise, so we both wanted to find out. This time though, I convinced my husband to give it a try and see if we can wait because we already have a boy and girl and BOTH are also July babies (daughter is July 4 and son is July 31), so we have all the clothes in the same season so he reluctantly agreed. now that we are past the 20 week sonogram - I'm so excited!!!!!!

    2. PS I also got the gift card today - YEAH! And so glad to have you following along my little blog :)

  2. I couldn't wait to find out what we are having! How are you going to do it?

    1. I KNOW - right!?!? I'm dying this time, but for some reason since we already have one of each AND it's my third - I feel like either gender I know will fit just right into our little family. It was a shock to have a boy and girl because my husband only has brothers (4 of them!) and I only have a sister so neither of us knew what a brother/sister relationship was going to be like. Almost 2 years in, it's pretty special so now I'm excited to see if they will get a brother or sister - but want to be surprised!

  3. You look fabulous! Just bought that photo app the other day! Can't wait to use it...eventually! ;)

  4. Such a cute bump!
    We waited with all four of our babies. It was hard, but so exciting!