Friday, March 18, 2016

Nursery board

Nursery for gender neutral - easier said than done for me!

And apparently I am putting this off as much as I can by decorating every other room/space in my house (hence the entryway redo, dining room make over).  But Jimmy keeps telling me that I need to get going - mainly so he can get the paint on the walls - but also because he doesn't want me waiting until the end (maybe because then he will have to do all the heavy lifting).  So here is my best attempt to put it all in one space/blog post.

1 & 2 Wall Decor | 3 Dresser color | 4 Changing Pad | 5 Glider | 6 Crib linens | 7 Lamp | 8 Curtains | 9 Rug | 10 Crib sheet | 11 Paint with trim

My #1 thing to do this weekend is I need to go get some paint color samples and figure out what "white" looks best on the walls.  I was struggling with what color because we have cream trim/doors everywhere and I wanted to keep the room lighter (right now it's the standard brownish that is everywhere in our house that the bank painted it before we bought it) I'm going to go with it.  I've asked Vanessa to help me (thank you!) because she has a great eye and knack for creating beautiful nurseries - and she's already added some awesome new stuff to my pin board from the Target Pillowfront line and suggested removable wallpaper - I haven't had a chance to look at it but I'm excited to take a look for sure!  What a great idea :)  

My aunt has offered to sew up the bedding and maybe even the curtains for the room - and I'm pumped!  I did all the sewing (except she did the curtains) for Maddie's room - and she's a pro at all this - while it just drives me more crazy than anything.  And the good news is that I already have the dresser - just need to paint - and pretty much the whole room color and decor was built around the fact that we will be using the navy chair again in this baby's room.  We originally bought it for Charlie's room and it's SOOOO comfortable.  We put another chair in Maddie's room and while it matched - it never quite lived up to the comfort of Charlie's.  It's in Maddie's room right now and we have a chair that is perfect for reading in together to put in there when we are ready to move it out.

Oh but before we actually paint - we need to get the guest bedroom furniture in the basement.  Thank goodness Maddie (and we) are not ready for a big girl bed yet - so that's going to storage for now but will live in her room someday in the next few years!!!!

All this baby stuff is making me anxious to actually meet this sweet baby and welcome him/her to their new home!

Happy Friday - hope you have great weekend plans ahead (or no weekend plans - which sometimes those are the best weekends!)!!

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  1. That lamp! It's going to look so geeat, Britt!