Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday five



20 months of this little lady has been such a blessing. Sass and all ;)

And 20 weeks pregnant with this little baby.

Feeling lucky in love with all my sweet babies (yes, Charlie will always be my baby too!!)

(PS I really like the baby pic app font!)


Seriously...when you are driving do you find it that is when your kids are asking you to do like 45 things? Yeah, me too. 

When I saw this posted I couldn't help but laugh.  I sent it to my sister in laws with older kiddos and they said it doesn't get any better with age either!!


My painting project - oh my.  Sometimes I get a little excited and move a little too fast on projects.  My dad has been amazing and we got this awesome little mini bar area done before this weekend (thanks dad!) but I decided randomly last weekend that I was going to paint all the furniture That is black in our dining room...white.  

In my mind it was "only" 4 chairs, a buffet table and a pedastel table.  

Well, the number of pieces didn't change- but boy did the amount of work I was estimating it would take me! But I'm happy to report the dining room is almost back in fully functioning order and looking better than ever.  That deserves it's own post. But for now a little before and after for you!!


 After (on the buffet piece!)


Lots of fun celebrations to look forward to this weekend with Jimmy's family!

Jimmy's grandma (one of my favorite people!) turns 90 years old today. She's the best and what a joy it's been getting to know her over the past 11 years!  Can't wait to celebrate this lady tomorrow with the whole Galvan crew!

And my three older sister in law's and I are hosting a baby shower for my youngest SIL who is having her first sweet baby in April! It's a vintage book theme and I'm so excited!


Finally- what week is complete without Batman running around your house?? Jimmy got this Batman costume for Charlie off of amazon warehouse this week and he's OBSESSED. It's a bit snug and it hugs his booty a little tight- but nothing will stop him from wearing it!!

Hope you all had a good week- I was busy painting every night so didn't have time to blog but I MUST do my first pregnancy post ASAP. While they are not exciting to read (or write!) but I love looking back on them.  Molly and I were looking at my 20 week pictures with Charlie and Maddie so I must do it!!

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  1. Happy birthday to the grandma! Your little one looks tough, yet, cute in the Batman costume. My oldest daughter is 21 yoa and is still obsessed with Batman.

    1. I have a cousin that is 30 that is having a Mario brother themed wedding!! Sometimes the obsession never goes away!!!!

  2. The white furniture turned out great!! And your 20 week bump is adorable!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks lady - is it over yet? Ready to meet this sweet babe!