Friday, March 18, 2016

Five {LUCKY} things


It was St Patrick's Day yesterday, right??!!  

Well I tried to recreate this picture on Thursday morning....

St Patrick's Day 2015

...but instead all I got was one happy-ish kid with the cutest pig tails you have ever seen (she was eating her potty treats) and another one who was SOOOOOO mad that I made him wear the green shirt I bought specifically for the holiday.  Then he didn't want to take a picture so I got in the car to go to work...then he was wailing crying he wanted to take a picture and this is what we got.
St Patrick's Day 2016

HAHA.  Oh to be three.

But at least the green pancakes with Lucky Charm marshmallows made them smile for dinner!


Speaking of St Patrick's Day and the luck of the Irish - even though I'm not the one that is Irish  - I still had some good luck!  There were lots of awesome ladies on Instagram that sponsored a $150 Starbucks giveaway.  I actually already followed all of them except maybe one or two - so really it was the easiest giveaway to enter - and on Thursday morning I got the fun email from Desiree telling me that I won!!

Best news, right?!

I immediately texted Vanessa and Sarah to tell them because they were two of the ladies that hosted - thanks so much - can't wait to put this to good use - especially when baby #3 arrives and I'll need it even more than now!


Some other exciting news this week was on Wednesday when I picked Maddie up from school and they said "Guess what?!!?  No accidents for Miss Maddie!".  So so exciting!!  She is taking to this pottying thing quite well and I'm super impressed.  It's still the normal struggle of asking "do you have to pee?" every ten seconds and then she, of course, says "yes" at like the most inopportune times.  But I'll take no diapers for a few months (minus naps and nighttime when she's still in them for now!)  

We celebrated with a trip to Old McDonald's on Wednesday night for Happy Meal and playing in the play place! 


Please someone tell me why the age of almost 2 is the most wonderful and the most frustrating at the same time?  Seriously though - this little girl has my heart.  I love her!


This week concluded a few of the TV shows that I frequent (Bachelor Finale (LOVE that JoJo is going to be the next Bachelorette too!!!!) and How to Get Away with Murder) and started up Nashville again with a beautiful wedding on Wednesday night - and now all these new shows are being advertised and I'm torn.  To watch or not to watch!?  I think it looks a little cheesy, but I love Adam from Parenthood - so I might give it a try!


Looking forward to a quiet, but cold weekend in KC!  Also, planning to compile some stuff as we get project gender neutral nursery underway (check out the inspiration board here)!!

Oh and just for fun because Molly was loving on my bump today - here is a bump pic!  I have for sure got a round bump that has popped - everyone at work this week was like "wow - you really are showing!" ha.  Even my coworkers in London mentioned it that it's gotten much bigger on the video screen during our video conference calls.  I'm glad it's growing as well as the baby inside!

Have a great weekend - full of friends, family, fun - and of course - March Madness!

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  1. Oh you won the starbucks!! How fun. Definitely will be needing that soon!
    Too funny with the recreating picture. Sounds about right, ha.

  2. Ha ha trying to get kids to take pics can be so exhausting! Brayden is 5 and it still is! I'm so impressed with Maddie! I think Avery could be ready but I'm not, since she's probably our last I want to hang on to as much "baby" part of her I can! That is one huge thing out of your way though before #3 arrives! And awesome for winning that giveaway, so fun!!

  3. I'm soooo impressed with Maddie! Hooray for no diapers...even if just for a bit. ;)

  4. I'm so thrilled you won! It will certainly come in handy after the littlest arrives!
    Woohoo for successful potty training! It's so great when that task is officially completed.
    Your bump is the cutest!
    Hope you had a great weekend!