Sunday, March 13, 2016

Vintage book/toy baby shower for Hillary

A week ago - we were all together having a blast at Hillary's baby shower as excited as can be to welcome sweet baby Carter in late April!  

My 3 older sister in law's and I helped to host a fun vintage baby shower for her and it couldn't have been more perfect.  Really thanks to my sister in law's because I'm telling you they are master planners and it was amazing to see the whole thing brought to life with the fun decor and treats the day of.  Shellie found the invite on Etsy and we loved it - such a fun theme since they aren't finding out what the sweet babe will be! 

From there, she also had a friend that had tons of awesome vintage toys that she let us borrow to put out everywhere and of course, we got great use out of all the fun golden books that we all have!

Here is a fun collage of the day!

The menu:
Chicken salad sandwiches (aka Little Red Hen Chicken Salad)
Cheese and crackers
Fruit (ABC Farm Fruit)
Salad (Saggy Baggy Elephant Spinach Salad)

And then the dessert (Poky Little Puppy Bundtini's) - my sister in law, Lindsay, got these from Nothing Bundt Cakes in Overland Park and they were DELICIOUS!  Jimmy loves that place, so we actually got a little bigger one for Maddie to enjoy on her first birthday - but these little ones were the perfect mouth popping size for one (or two!)

They set them up so nicely and popped on the cutest little cupcake toppers.  Shellie even made an adorable banner at the last minute that looked perfect!

All the girl cousins did a great job of arranging all the vintage toys!

And of course - the drinks on the new drink station!  I love the look and the drinks were good too.  The punch is for sure one I'll be using again (pineapple pink lemonade punch - but I used regular lemonade to keep up with the yellow theme!)

The golden book batter looks awesome on the staircase too and was very easy!!

And to tack onto the cute vintage theme - our mother in law brought over Granny's crib for us to assemble and put all the presents in. I was going to put a crib sheet on it - but the vintage mattress decor went right along with the theme!

Since it was a book shower, Trish pulled together an adorable basket and all the attendees brought books for Baby Carter - I love this idea so much because we are still using the books that we got at our gender reveal party with Charlie - they never get old and it's so special!

And Sue made the cutest favors - bookworms!  I loved the way they turned out and the way they tasted :)  Who doesn't love gummy worms!?

Some more fun vintage toys and puzzles - I love the farm little people - it's so awesome to see how far toys have come and changed!

When the party goers all showed up, it was time to eat!  

Then it was time for a game - name the children's book - Hillary did awesome at guessing them!

Then it was time for Aunt Hillary to open up all her presents with all her little helpers - they are so cute!

Kenlie made Hillary the cutest present - she personalized three onesies for the baby.  One said "Louie's BFF" (Louie is their dog), the next said "Lucky #11" because this will be the 11th grandkid and the final one was hilarious and said "Dance party newbie" with "VIP" on the back - so the baby can be initiated into Pop's dance parties when everyone is at Jimmy's parents house and Jimmy's dad puts on you tube videos and they all dance.  SOOOO creative and sweet!  What an amazing niece she is!

It was such a fun afternoon celebrating this sweet baby and the mom to be!  Hillary will make the best mom to this little babe and I cannot wait to see if it's a boy or the girl!!!!  This baby will be the closest cousin to our babe - so it will be so fun to see them grow up together.  Bring on the Carter babies!!!   Very lucky to call these four ladies my sister in laws!

And seriously - I asked my sister in law's if they could help me plan my sister's bridal shower because yeah, they did an amazing job - I basically provided the gift, the drinks and the house!


  1. SUCH a cute theme! You ladies did a fabulous job! And how cute are you and your four sisters-in-law?

  2. It was the cutest cutest shower! Thank you all so much!!! And I can't wait for our babies to play together!

  3. Such a darling theme! Looks like it was a good time.

  4. Pleased to know about this great idea of book\toy baby shower. Will definitely share this idea with my friend who wanted some ideas for her sister surprise baby shower party at one of venues in San Francisco. She will surely like it.