Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday Five

It's Good Friday!  Can't wait to celebrate Easter this weekend with my family!


Speaking of Easter - there are no assembled baskets at this house to share quite yet, as Charlie and Maddie need to use their Easter baskets to collect eggs and goodies at our church Easter egg hunt on Saturday afternoon - but the goodies have been purchased.  I'm super excited about Maddie's present and hoping that she loves it!  She's obsessed with my make up and loves the big brushes, etc.  I don't have expensive make up, so don't mind if she plays with it (to an extent). However, when I want to throw on some bronzer and she flips out that I want my brush back - yeah....not so fun.

I found this little number on Amazon of all places!  I originally found it on Etsy but of course didn't plan ahead enough for that shipping so when I found the same thing from the same seller on Amazon with Prime Shipping I couldn't order it fast enough.  It gets great reviews and I really hope she likes it!


Another recent Amazon purchase that we are loving so much?  This built in potty seat.

While it's obviously not cheap it's SOOO nice having in our downstairs bathroom for Maddie the potty queen.  We have two little potties from IKEA that we used with Charlie, but sometimes those are just gross to dump out, etc (especially while pregnant) and especially where your guests also go to the bathroom.  I saw this at my sister in law's parents house that they had for their granddaughter who is a little older than Maddie.  It's amazing and I really think has made when we have to use the potty in public a lot less painful for us both!  We both think it's TOTALLY worth the money!


So I mentioned last week that I might start watching The Catch....I don't even now if that was on or not (and might still watch it later)...but I did watch a show randomly that was on after The Voice called Heartbeat.  And guess what?  I loved it!!  If you are a Grey's Anatomy fan (or ever were - I used to be and stopped watching Grey's a long time ago) - be sure to check it out!  It's on Wednesday's at 7CST!


HELP! Why do I feel like I'm the ONLY person in the world that my almost 4 year old wakes up between 5-5:30AM like everyday?  I cannot handle it anymore!!!

Any tips?  We have the alarm clock that turns green (worked for like a month) but nothing seems to work.  And for some reason I freak out when he wakes up because that's literally my only alone time to work out or read, etc. that I have and I love that time.  Some days he doesn't bother us (you know - when I let him watch my phone), but other days he just comes in when I'm working out and begs to play/eat breakfast/poop/etc.  We will try anything!!

Good thing he's cute.


On top of a fun date night that me and the kids had on Tuesday when Jimmy went to a concert with my parents (and date night, I mean go to CVS and buy probiotics for Maddie because she had a viral stomach bug causing diarrhea and then to Sonic to split a chocolate shake!), we are having a day date today since their school is closed and so is the stock market.  We have a fun day planned of Little Monkey Bizness, visiting dad at work then lunch and then a play date!  Starting off the weekend off right!

Wishing everyone a fabulous Easter weekend.  It's one of my favorite weekend's of the year!

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  1. That little makeup set is adorable. I remember thinking it was the neatest thing when my mom gave me a little set of my own. I'm guessing Maddie LOVED seeing that on Easter morning!
    Totally intrigued by Heartbeat. I love me Some Grey's, but I miss basically the entire original cast. I mean, when you cut out McDreamy there's just a huge piece of the show missing.
    You day date sounds like a little more fun than CVS. :)
    I hope you and your family had the best Easter weekend!

    1. Seriously - I LOVED Grey's but totally agree with you - I miss the old cast and just have not stayed up to date with everything so don't watch it anymore. But Heartbeat is similar but I love it so far. Give it a try!

      The make up set was a HUGE hit! I love that she love it too - little girls crack me up. Hope you guys had a great Easter weekend also!!!

  2. Oh man, we are two peas in a pod...Nelle girl got the same cosmetic set. Aaaaand is obsessed! It's so cute. Great minds think alike. ;)

    I wish I had good tips for you on Charlie's crazy early wake up time. That sounds terrrrrible. Hmmmm, sticker chart for everytime he stays in his room until his clock lights up? Earlier bedtime - aka sleep begets sleep?

    1. How funny!!! And yes, Maddie freaking LOVES it. Except she smacked me with the bag this afternoon - not what I was thinking she would do with it, but toddlers EH. And it's seriously terrible. we need to get back to doing some sort of chart but he seriously gets SOOO mad and just makes noise so everyone has to get up (including his sister, which is not good for anyone!). GRRR!