Monday, March 14, 2016

Five things from this past week and weekend

Friday came and went - so here's five things from this past week and weekend.  Which were of course, interesting and filled with excitement from our clan.


Let's start by talking about FOOD.  

Do you see all those videos that people share on Facebook that are YouTube videos of making things to eat?  Well every once and a while I stop and can't get enough of it.  I for sure stopped and watched the Southwestern Taco Salad shown on YouTube by Tasty's and it looked DELICIOUS!

And it was delicious and SO easy.  Take a look at the comparison below.

I REALLY liked the dressing too and it was super yummy and easy and I actually had all the ingredients on hand which is even better!  Watch the video in the link above for the details - but I will for sure be making again!


Next up- kids!

Maddie. Sweet Maddie has been attempting to rip off her diaper at every opportunity in the last month when it's wet, telling us she "pottied or pooped" as well as in the last few weeks disappearing into the bathroom and ripping it off.  As seriously horrible and brutal as attempting potty training is in general, Jimmy and I felt like the girl was giving us some signs she was ready for us to at least give her a shot.  Since we didn't have a ton planned this past weekend (vs weekend's past when we were on the go!), we decided to give it a try.  After an early Saturday morning breakfast out and then a trip to the store for some big girl undies - the wheels were in motion.

Saturday stats - 1 pee accident, 1 poop accident (couldn't figure out why it smelled like poop and it was because there was a random poop hanging out - oh my - this is why we don't have nice things!), and 3 successful pees and 1 successful poop.  We didn't leave the house after breakfast (AH!), but Charlie and I did get outside in the front to hunt for worms. I got WAY more frustrated with her for some reason towards the end of the day - luckily Jimmy told me we were not quitting so soon!

Sunday stats - I stayed home with her and got some one on one time while the boys went to church in the morning and she did great!  What's hilarious to me is how incredibly different she and her brother are with this process (and with other things!).  But Charlie would drink when we told him to drink and pee almost on command (even if it was just a little) to always get a treat.  Maddie?  Oh no, she will go when she needs to go.  And {luckily} she will tell you most times (as the weekend progressed), but there was no stuffing mindless water down her and offering up jelly beans - she took the treats when she went, but had to do it when she wanted to - even if it was 5 seconds after we just tried to get her to go.  Second child thing?  Girl thing?  Who knows - I guess I am glad that she sticks to her guns and has a strong will!

The real test is sending her to school. They have potties in her room at school and her teachers have already gotten her to go a few times, so we'll see how it works with just undies on.  We sent lots of reinforcement clothes!  I'm not set that this will actually work (and the doctor said when the new baby comes there is a big potential for regression with her on this...but a few months with NO diapers in our house would be pretty sweet!

*I'm happy to report she got a stellar report from school! Only one accident and 2 poops and 2 potties!! Nice job Maddie cakes!*

Here are a few cute pics of her from this weekend:


While Charlie was a HUGE cheerleader to his sister during the whole process (mainly because he got a treat when she went too) and was constantly saying "Maddie - do you need to go potty?" (which in 3 year old language means - Maddie, I want some jelly beans, so do your thing!), poor guy needed out of the house.  We hunted for worms in our boots on Saturday after it rained all morning, but on Sunday afternoon, we headed to the movies and saw Zootopia. 

First of all - it was PACKED!!  Like the whole place was full (and it was a big theater).

But we had a blast!  This was the first movie I had taken him to (he has been to two others with my sister and her fiance) and he did good.  He was a little restless for a bit, but enjoyed the popcorn, icee and M&Ms as a snack!  Love getting to spend time with him one on one - it makes me realize just how grown up he's getting.  And makes me look forward to more of these fun outings together!



Oh yes, that was on constantly in our house this weekend.  Constantly.  Lucky for our house, KU won the Big 12 tournament and will be heading to the big dance in Des Moines this week.  Jimmy couldn't be more thrilled.  And neither could his mini me!


Finally- we attempted an at home date night on Saturday night.  It was a huge fail!! Mainly my fault because I scheduled it and then was so tired by the time the kids got in bed I told Jimmy just to watch basketball and we would reschedule! Now I feel terrible!!!

Maybe next week?! Seriously- making time for kids, marriage, friends, family and work- how does anyone make it all happen?!!?

Cheers to a gorgeous weather week ahead in Kansas City!

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  1. Oh my gosh, way to go Maddie!! That is so impressive, seriously!! I ask Avery all the time, do you want to sit on the potty? And she quickly says No! LOL.

    I have been there with those at home dates, by the time the kids are in bed, 9 times out of 10 I am just done for the night (and I'm not even pregnant!) I'm sure Jimmy understands!