Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fun morning at Home Depot

For the longest time I have heard about the free kid events at Home Depot and Lowe's, but have yet to try one with our kids.  Well since I recently downloaded the Home Depot app, it kindly reminds me of the upcoming events in my area!! Home Depot has completely free kid events the first Saturday of each month and since we didn't have soccer this weekend because of Labor Day, I thought it would be fun to try it out!! 

Even better, the project was DIY white board.  Maddie and Charlie are obsessed with whiteboards!

It was outside and I immediately regretted my three quarters sleeve shirt...but other than that the weather was perfect.  It was the perfect little set up outside.  We just checked in to get our supplies and off they went!

Charlie attempted to hammer the nails---- and did good!  Maddie I gave her the hammer for one point five seconds and decided that was a horrible idea for a two year old! 

The paint on the other hand was right up her alley!

Actually kind of SHARING!!!

We slightly modified the directions and didn't put the whiteboard sticker in there in case the painting got a bit reckless and they decided to paint the middle instead of just the sides.  Good thing because #painteverywhere might be an appropriate hashtag.  

Normally, they also give out free kid aprons...but unfortunately they were all out this time.  Bummer.  Next time we will get some!

In the mean time- little brother Mikey...chilling in the car seat.  We are currently in mode GO EVERYWHERE because Mikey isn't mobile and sleeps in the car seat.  Six months from now this might be a different story and we will possibly be stuck at home unless beer is provided.

I didn't get a picture of the kids with their finished projects (after we got home, they dried and we still need to put on the whiteboard part!).  It was neat because at the end you showed the Home Depot lady the finished project and each kid got a certificate and pin (to put on your apron!).

Overall, it was pretty awesome!!! And legit free (which Jimmy didn't believe me!). If you're interested- check it out next month!! I'm obsessed with DIYing and so happy my dad and mom taught me how to use a hammer, nail and so much more so I'm pumped to teach our kids too!!


  1. We don't have Home Depot classes here and it drives me nuts that we don't. I see so many people completing such fun crafts and we can't join in the fun.

  2. I have seen this on other blogs but we've never been! Maybe I'll encourage Craig to take the boys this winter when there's literally nothing else to do!