Thursday, February 25, 2010

Countdown has begun

Paradise. A beach. Unlimited food and drinks. Lots and lots of pictures like this of the beautiful sunset in a tropical place.

The honeymoon countdown has begun. Haha, just kidding. Really I guess we can say it's the "wedding countdown". I added an official countdown ticker at the bottom of the blog to keep me on track. As if the date creeping up on the calendar and the fact that I have every weekend planned out almost to the hour up until the big day is not a big enough reminder!

But I am very excited for the wedding and all the friends & family that will be there and the festivies that will encompass that weekend, and of course, to get married...the overall purpose of the day! But I am VERY VERY excited to get on a plane at 7:30AM Sunday morning (yes, you read that right) and head off to Mexico with my new husband. What is getting me through the stress, the chaos, the lists that go on and on, the decisions that still have to be made, the phone calls that have to be made, the remaining details to decide the fact that at noon on Sunday, April 11 I will be A) Married to Jimmy and B) sitting on a beach in Cancun with a drink in my hand with not a care in the world for 6 whole days. No wedding planning, no work, no house renovations, no Pi Phi stuff, no responsibilities... I come. Only 45 more days until we get there.........


  1. I felt the exact same way. You are going to have so much fun on your honeymoon. It is the best!

  2. Honeymoons are the best thing ever invented. Pure bliss :) So excited for you. Get knocked up on it.

  3. I just found your blog on Weddingbee - I'm another KS bride! I'm planning from Lawrence since I'm at school here, but the wedding is in Wichita. We're going to Cancun on our honeymoon too! Which resort are you going to? I'm excited to start following your blog!