Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stop calling me!!!

For all you past/present/future brides out there, I'm not sure how many wedding/bridal fairs you attended during your engagement (or if you even did), but I attended ONE. And it was awful and I hated it. Yes, I said it. However, I might have liked it more had I been in the VERY early planning process so I would see the wide array of vendors available...but I went later in the process. All I had left was 2 vendors I was looking for: Videographer & Hair/make up. Hindsight being 20/20, I would have now never gone to the show or especially paid for 2 tickets had I known what it was going to be like and that I ended up finding my remaining 2 vendors elsewhere. But...I had no idea what exactly a bridal fair thing entailed and this is the one time in my life I'll be planning a wedding, so I kind of felt like I had to go and experience it. Then develop my opinions.

If you have never been (dragged) to one, let me fill you in on what it is exactly. A HUGE room. With LOTS of vendor table everywhere. You walk around aisle by aisle passing by caterers with food samples, photographers with pictures they took, videographers with videos, DJs, florists, travel agents, real estate agents......and the list goes on and on and on. Everyone wanting your business and handing you 50,000 sheets of paper that you are just going to throw away. Now, all those people I didn't really mind that much. It was fun to look at pictures and videos, sample food, look through pamphlets with pictures from vacation spots around the world.....but then we came to one booth. Which I now call, "the booth of doom". The Direct Buy booth. What is direct buy? Some membership thing you sign up for get discounts off of home stuff and the stuff is at a lower than retail price. As Jimmy and I are always looking for fun ways to spruce up our house and they "sold" me to sign their sheet because "you can win $50,000!" never sounded to me like it wasn't going to happen for real. I signed my name, gave them my phone number, and continued browsing.

Next, we come up to what I call "the booth of doom 2". Celebrity China booth. "Sign up and you could be chosen to win free toasting glasses!" was how they got me. I mean, sure, why not? I hadn't even thought about the fact that we would need toasting glasses (duh!) so now I can potentially get them for free...sure here's my name and phone number.

The next week, booth of doom 2 called me and told me that we **WON** the drawing and asked me what time would work for Jimmy & I to come in and sit through a 45 minute demonstration on waterless, greaseless cookware. I confirmed a time and thought that was it. Then I tell my mom, she informs me that they are trying to make us spend thousands of dollars on cookware and/or china. I don't believe her. We go, they demonstrate and show off their stuff, I fall in love and end up spending thousands of dollars, but we did get 2 free toasting glasses, as promised. Haha, just kidding. I didn't really buy the cookware! What a rip off!! I did fall in love with the cookware and then went and found it online and bought it for thousands of dollars less. However, apparently they do not frequently update their **WINNING** data base because later that week they called me 5 more times, telling me that we won. I kind of yelled saying that we already came in.

Now booth of doom 1 didn't call for a while after- but when they eventually got to our names on the list, they started calling and wouldn't stop. I didn't answer, but they never stopped. I finally answered and they gave their talk about how we just need to come in and check out their showroom and we can win fabulous prizes, including that $50,000 they promised me like months ago that I never got. So I said, fine send me some stuff. They sent it, we set up a time to go, I did research on how much a membership costs, I decided I didn't want to go, Jimmy got sick, we didn't go and I called to cancel. CANCEL. Like meaning, I don't want you to call me ANYMORE. They continue to call me, at least 7 times a day. From 2 different numbers, one is 913 area code and the other is 816. It is now probably the most annoying thing in my life and I'm not sure what person decided that a great way to get a customer is to piss them off..but it's not working for me. So STOP CALLING ME, DIRECTBUY. I don't want a membership, I don't want this free stuff that you promise and I'll never see.

Which brings me now to my greatest find ever. Pure genius!! I would say, these situations in which these people will not stop calling me, have caused me to be a "pissed off bride". So one day, while checking out Weddingbee, I found this website: Pissed off bride. Funniest things I've ever read. Please, now go to that site and read and laugh and read and laugh and read and realize how ridiculous and crazy this whole wedding process and industry really is and what it does to people, families, and innocent bystanders. But seriously, whoever invented this site---brilliant!! This post that I just wrote is due to the hilarious posts on this site that rant about annoying wedding vendors and how they contact you 24/7. True story.


  1. Hi BB -

    I came across your post and wanted to apologize for the inconvenience and displeasure you’ve experienced as a result of the unwanted phone calls you have received.

    We are committed to working with prospective and current members to understand how we can continually improve our overall business. In this regard, we will use your feedback to work with the franchise to implement procedures that will make certain we avoid a similar situation in the future.

    If you will email me the number you have been contacted at, as well as the numbers that have been calling you (if known) to, I will contact the appropriate club and have your name and number removed from the call list.

    Thank you - DirectBuy

  2. Hi Chelsea, thanks for your follow up!! This is really really great of you :) I will send you an email as instructed. Again - I'm in shock that you found this and cared that much about my image of Direct Buy to reach out to me. That says great things about your customer service and dedication to your customers- so you might have just proved my post wrong :)