Sunday, February 14, 2010

Long overdue....Wedding shower fun!!

Ok, like I said, work has been crazy...working day and night...hence why I'm so so far behind on posting this!! But a few weeks ago, Saturday, January 30 my 6 wonderful bridesmaid all came into town and hosted a fantastic and so fun bridal shower at Lauren's parents house! It was the morning of the KU/K-State basketball game, so thanks to everyone who came and then made the trip to Manhattan after!! I'm so glad so many people go to come, it was SO SO fun to have so many friends in one place at one time. I guess that is what our wedding will be like, which I cannot wait!!

Anyways, the theme was bed and bath, which was great because we got awesome bedroom/room accessories and bathroom accessories, plus some wonderful kitchen stuff too!! The food was great, with a nice little mix of everything with some fun drinks, with champagne thrown into the mix :) Who doesn't want some champagne at 10AM?! I loved the balloons that Lauren got too- they matched our wedding colors perfectly!!

We started out mingling and then it was GAME TIME. The game was a video that Emily took of Jimmy during their lunch break (in a suit, he made her do it on a day that he wore that so he could look fancy!) in which she asked him questions ranging from- when was our first kiss, what is the worst meal I've ever made him, what is the last thing I do before I go to bed, and finally what are our wedding colors? It was hysterical because I would attempt to answer the questions first and then she'd show the video of him answering. Pretty much, we answered them the same way and kept wanting more detail from her- which she wouldn't give either of us. His most embarrassing answer was our first kiss. I said I didn't remember and maybe in his apartment at some point? Then his answer pops up and he states, "Brittany won't remember this because she was black out drunk on her birthday. We were walking from Aggieville back to Pi Phi - which is a LONG walk - and she just grabbed me and started kissing me." Um, hello, so embarrassing....but now that he mentions it...he was right :) Oops. Guess it's good that I had some liquid courage?

You can kind of see the game in the background- Emily did an AWESOME job!!

Anyways, it was so so fun and I cannot thank my bridesmaids enough for all the work they did planning it and organizing it and everyone taking the time to come back into town. Only 2 of them live in KC, so 4 of them had to I cannot thank them enough :) Here are some pictures!! Vanessa also wrote a post about it too :)

My wonderful bridesmaids!!

Maid of honor, bride, and mother of the bride :) So cute!

I got some great gifts too!! Here some are in action.....

My awesome new alarm clock from my Hallmark friends. It shows the time and temperature on the ceiling, so it encourages laziness when I wake up. Love it and love the "nature" sounds it makes!!

Towels- we needed new towels bad! Got them washed and ready to use

Our new comforter!!! I can't wait to get our new king size bed to use it. From my bridesmaids- I freaked out because I really didn't think anyone was going to buy it for me!! Thanks so much!

The picture frames from Ali that I'm going to put over the bed!

The great pillows that match perfect that I have been dying to get to go on our guest bed :)

Awesome waffle maker from Jamie- we already tried it out!! Delicious!

New cookie sheets from Mallorie- that we were in desperate need of!

Yum, panini maker from Sir! And then you can kind of see the fun Christmas cookie cutters from Myers...can't wait for holidays 2010 to use these :)

New kitchen towels and oven mitt....from Karel the wonderful host...that look great in our new kitchen!

Bathroom accessories from Jimmy's mom! I love the new toothbrush holder and trashcan!

SLAP CHOP! Best present, according to Jimmy! I had no idea he even put that on our registry. So funny. But thanks Allie because we have used it tons of times now!

Some new kitchen utensils from Jessica and Liz- I love the sleek design and cushion on the handle!! Now I need to figure out what do to with the cute "C" bag that they came in!

Clock from Heather looks great in the man cave. Oh and here's Jimmy's random TV he bought. Oh Jimmy.

New curtains in the man cave, courtesy of Mrs. Dawson's gift card that she gave me from Target!! THANKS!!!

And finally, little Miss Milly looking so so cute in her blanket :)

It was so fun and we got some awesome stuff- thanks to everyone who came and again to my awesome bridesmaids for hosting it :) I know it was a lot of work and I appreciate it! Love you all!!

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