Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wedding Breakdown #3--time is flying

Now come on, you know you love these posts...if you missed #1 and #2, no worries, you can read those to catch up. Well it happened yesterday, mid-day and it really hit me out of the blue. An unexpected, unanticipated mid-day realization. OMG WE'RE GETTING MARRIED IN ALMOST EXACTLY 8 WEEKS. WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE MY TO-DO LIST KEEPS GETTING LONGER, WHEN IN THEORY IT SHOULD BE GETTING SHORTER...RIGHT? WHY DO I FEEL LIKE I SUDDENLY CANNOT BREATHE?

Let me go back and take you to the "moment". Originally, the tux place told Jimmy and I that the 2 ring bearer tuxes were going to be the same rental price as the big kids (aka Jimmy and friends), which was $99. For a big kids tux, reasonable. For a 5 year old and a 3 year old...not so much. So Jimmy's mom and I found a more cost effective alternative and just bought them black suits for $30. Now what we didn't think about was that on top of $30, there would be shoes ($$), dress shirt ($$) and a tie ($). Sometimes my brain works too simply. But then I got an email from Jimmy's sister in laws asking if their cute little boys could rent tuxes and that they were willing to pay the difference. So then I started thinking---did I push hard enough, ask enough questions...because honestly, they can't really think it's ok to charge the same price for a child, right? So I pick up the phone mid-day and call him. I just start asking him about the number of rentals, what their "deal" is in terms of rent X get X free...and then he's like, oh yeah, well for the kids, since you have 2, we'll only charge you $50 for their rental. Done, sold, deal. Being a numbers person, the cost/benefit analysis of spending $50 on a rental- that provides everything- is well worth it over the $30 suits + extras. Problem solved. I'm happy! Then he says it. Unknowingly drops the bomb that sends me into a spinning spiral. "So you have Person 1, Person 2 and Person 3 that still need to come get fitted for their tuxes...they will need to come in the next 2 weeks because we place the tux order 6 weeks prior to the wedding". I sit there, in silence, doing math in my head. Wait, so they need to come in the next 2 weeks because they order 6 weeks...........OMG WE'RE GETTING MARRIED IN 8 WEEKS. Once I catch my breath, I tell him thanks and peace out.

It's lunch time. I walk to the cafeteria to meet a few friends for lunch and in my head I hear this voice (kind of in an echo/Samuel L. Jackson voice) saying..."You're getting married in almost 8 weeks. You must stay up to date on your to do list, you must finalize all your projects, you must do this and that and this and that.....". Panic. Sweating. Heavy breathing. Eyes wide open and staring straight ahead. I'm surprised the people in the elevator with me didn't question my health.

Lunch time fun. I joke about it with friends "haha, getting married so soon, lol, so much to do, oh it's so fun". Walking back upstairs alone....silent freak out. All afternoon, working, make a to-do list, working, finalizing ideas, working, prioritizing my evening, working, telling Jimmy I cannot watch the KU game with him because REMEMBER OUR WEDDING...YEAH........

To put myself at ease, I decide I'm going to spend the whole evening aimlessly walking around craft stores looking for deals and ideas. And I did. I got home, skipped work out class and went straight to Michaels- after loving the pups for a few. I walked around for about an hour. Spent $10, but it was a successful $10. Bags for favors, ribbon for favors and ribbon for programs. Also a really cute dog paw print punch for $1. This also involved a 25 minute phone conversation with bridesmaid Erica. In which she asked what I was getting at Michael's, and my response was vague, so she then heard about the breakdown.

Next store: Hobby Lobby. I walk around aimlessly there. Napkins to attempts stamping our monogram on, looking for little envelopes for ceremony tissues, looking at frames for our guest book picture sign thing, almost buying a really cute "C" frame thing. This also involved a 25 minute phone conversation with bridesmaid Vanessa. In which she asked what I was getting at Hobby Lobby, and my response was vague, so she then heard about the breakdown as well.

Next store: Target. I was really needing to find a table number/name holder idea. I bought something I think might work at Michael's, but needed more. No luck for wedding stuff at Target. However, I did find this AWESOME and oh so perfect sign in the $1 section at Target. I bought 2 of them, one for me, one for my parents. That was it. I was proud I didn't buy anything else.

Next store: I wanted to go to JoAnns, but at this point it was 9:00....and apparently stores close and don't care that brides everywhere have random breakdowns and need to walk around their store to feel better. So JoAnns is on tonight's agenda.

Believe it or not, as I was driving home- I felt a lot better. More calm and excited that I did find a few things that I think will work and are putting me in the right direction to cross things off of my to-do list instead of adding them. So I guess all I needed was a little craft store-retail therapy? I'm a freak. But whatever works right? The exciting part is that invitations go out at the 8 week that will be a HUGE check off the list. And lucky enough for me, Barb aka mother of the bride, made BFFs with the lady at the Lenexa post she is letting us hand stamp our invites on Monday afternoon. Sweet! Way to go Barb. Hopefully sending those off makes me feel relieved. I think it will. Not only that it's a big check mark off the to do list, but it will also make me happy because I won't have to worry about one of the dogs peeing on them. They are up on the bar stools in a big box right now, but I've seen Toby do some crazy things.

And here's hoping for only a max of 5 "wedding breakdown" posts.....but with 8 weeks left, you never know :)

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