Sunday, February 14, 2010

My dad would be so proud!

One thing that I can guarantee you after the snow falls in KC, no matter how soon after the snow stops, if I go over to my parents house, their driveway will be perfectly clean. My dad is crazy obsessed with shoveling snow right after it falls. Being a resident at his house my whole life, I just always expected a clean and clear driveway right after snow. Well, Jimmy and I quickly learned that with a house comes a huge responsibility of shoveling our LONG driveway. In December when it snowed a ton, we didn't do it right away because in our mind, it was going to just keep snowing, so what was the point?? Hm, bad idea. The more we drove on the snow, the more compacted it got, then the temperature dropped and it became ice. So on top of snow in our driveway, we had ice as well. Needless to say, I was just praying for the temperatures to hit above freezing so it would FINALLY melt!!

It melted and then life went on. But then on Friday, February 9 it randomly decided to snow- a lot more than I thought it was. So on my way home from work I was chuckling at the people outside already shoveling their driveway! No way did I think it snowed that much. But as I pulled into our driveway, my car could barely make it in! I had to go to Artisans and Angels right around 5:30...and I have never shoveled our huge, long driveway myself, but I knew the more I drove on it, the more icy it would get. So I did it. I took on the challenge of shoveling the whole driveway. With our new shovel in hand, it actually wasn't TOO hard. I was about ready to pass out after it was over though because my arms were killing me!!!

Check out the new shovel....

And the cleared driveway...

Me, so proud of my shoveling skills :)

After I finished, I quickly got ready and headed to the wonderful fundraising event----but had to call my dad and tell him on the way that we were the FIRST house on the block to have a cleared driveway. He wasn't home, but I talked to my mom and told her to tell him immediately. I knew he would be proud!!! Keeping up those strange family traditions! And the best part was how happy I was with my "accomplishment" every time I drove into the driveway that it was free of snow/ice!! Yeah!

And as I'm writing this, a week and 2 days later, it's snowing again in KC...guess it's out to the driveway for me :)


  1. I am impressed, Brittany! We needed that shovel this past week. That thing is awesome!

  2. Holy shovel! That thing is huge!