Monday, February 8, 2010

SO much to say....SO little time

Ok, so I have like 1000 and 1 blog posts in the "hopper" and I promise they are good ones!! A quick preview to what's in the works:

- My first official blog award (yes, you read that right!!!)
- A Wedding Shower! Where are the gifts now?
- My dad would be proud....
- Discussions and judgement
- Programs...the trials & tribulations

I think that's it, maybe?

BUT, one piece of news that I must share in the midst of finshing up some late night work due to a deadline being pushed up 2 weeks for LOTs of work to do (yes, so fun)...we mailed the wedding invitations today! My mom and I met at the Lenexa post office and the postal lady was true to her word. She let my mom and I stand there and hand stamp all of the envelopes ourselves. While they will be sorted electronically, I did stamp every single one of them get excited, as they are coming to a mail box near you :)

As a thank you to the nice postal lady, my mom is bringing them Panera bagels tomorrow! So brides everywhere, we are buttering this location up for you!!

Anyway, the feeling of sending them off and having them out of my possession was amazing. What wasn't amazing was having my tongue taste like glue all day Sunday because I licked every one of them closed...but it was well worth it. And Jimmy was the stamp man. Such a great team.

YES! That means the wedding fun can officially begin :)

Here they are...ready to be sorted and sent off!

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  1. That is so exciting!!! Isn't it the best feeling to get them out of your hands! It makes it so real :)