Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feeling Naked

I got into my car this morning and half way to work I realized that I didn't have any jewelry on (minus my e-ring). No earrings, no watch, no necklace, and no ring on my middle finger of my right hand.


Now I cannot stop touching my ear lobes and reminding myself that I have no earrings on. I keep looking at my left wrist, only to see a black pony tail holder and no watch. When I take my ring(s) off to put lotion on my hands, I only have one ring to take off not two.

I almost want to go home just to put my normal jewelry on. It's weird how when you wear something everyday you get so used to it and then when you don't have it on, it drives you nuts. Kind of like when you get engaged. I freaked out because I was like, I never will get used to wearing a ring on my left hand ring finger 24/7. It kind of freaked me out. But now, after about 10 months...I literally lose it if it's not on my finger and I think I lost it! Same thing I'm sure with my wedding band. When I have gone in to try it on with my engagement ring, I kept making comments like "wow, I can't imagine wearing this all the time and looking down at my hand and seeing it". The jeweler was like- "well, you got used to your engagement ring, right? You will get used to this." And she also encouraged me to get bigger diamonds than I originally thought I wanted. But I mean- I'm not complaining about that :)

Anyways, the point is...I feel naked...I need my jewelry...

What makes you "feel naked" if you forget to wear it? I'm sure there's something...

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