Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy birthday (yesterday!), Vanessa!

Yesterday marked one of my best friend's, Vanessa, big 2-5 birthday!! So glad I at least got to see her last weekend and tell her Happy Birthday in person :)

I did get an email from her first thing in the morning saying her dad has a bone to pick with me, which was a forward from her dad saying that ever since I started working at Hallmark, they started charging for Hoops & Yo-yo e-cards....so a short message from him would have to do for her birthday. Oh Fred.

Oh how time flies.....from when we first met senior year of high school, she was a pizza, I was a Hooter's girl, at a Halloween party, to being on the same rush floor freshman year, to pi phi and all the good times in college, to graduating, getting jobs, and now getting married...I feel like we've been through it all, but the exciting part is that I know there is so much more to come!! Love you V and miss you in KC, but can't wait to come visit STL again. Hope you had a great birthday yesterday!!

Some fun pics of us:

My 20th birthday!

Her 21st birthday!

At her wedding-what a beautiful bride :)

Love you V!! And many more happy birthday's to come!

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  1. Awww, I love the pictures! It made me curious as to how many we had together…just on facebook it's 254. And that's not counting the whole year we knew each other B.F. (before facebook, that is) :) Love you too!