Friday, June 17, 2011

Hallway is complete!

Before I show you what fun I had during my trip to Omaha last weekend - let me show you what my dad was working on last week!!  The hallway!!  And it looks sooooo good, well I think so :)

Without further ado....

Wayyyy before...

In progress ( floor yet)

And the after...see the floor?  Oh AND the homemade console table and homemade bins.  I have become quite the wood worker :)

Pic #1, Garage floor...Pic # 2 beautiful tile floor + trim!

Garage floor...and tile.  The carpet on the stairs still needs to be fixed, but you get the point!

Here's a close up of my dad's handy work with the tile and trim.  Looks so good!

And here's the bench.  Oh the bench with the fabric that I love :)  Oh and Willy - he snuck into the "after" picture.

So there you have it.  A completed hallway.  Now it feels right at home.  I might get a runner in there as well, who konws.

And in exciting to-do list news...I crossed off another on my list in terms of finishing the baskets...........that I decided to build with scrap wood instead of buy them.  So the console table is done!  Now I just have to get to sewing...want to have this done before Katie's wedding shower next Saturday!!  Better get on that!

(1) Recover the bench that was in the family room (and just white) and put it in the hallway
(2) Make some pillows
(3) Make a valance to go in the family room and keep the red panels underneath with the main print

(4) With my other creation, the console table, use it with the baskets I put in there

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