Monday, June 20, 2011

Trip up "north"

Ok - so last weekend, I headed up "north" (in Erica's language) to visit the Wassinger's in Omaha.  They moved up there in March and we have been trying to plan a weekend to go up there forever.  However, it is apparently harder than we thought because the second weekend of June was all we could find.  And then Jimmy had Jay's bachelor party - so I went solo.  Which was so fun and a much needed girls weekend :)

When I arrived, we got ready and in the midst of that...Erica's crazy/funny neighbor comes pounding on her front door telling us to come next door to partake in the neighborhood progressive dinner.  So we finish getting ready and head over there to mingle with her neighbors, which we wonderful.  They all spent lots and lots of time reassuring me that they would "take care of her" and had lots of stories to tell about the neighborhood.  It reminded me so much of Brookside in Kansas City with older houses that were SOOO cute and had so much character and the friendliness of the neighborhood also!  I know they will be very happy in their neighborhood and house!  

So after that fun fiasco, we headed to the Holiday Lounge for some good old fashioned Omaha fun.  Erica's friend Brian was the bartender, so it made for a cheap date and some great conversation.  Here's the only picture I got of us that night.

But don't worry - there was some interesting entertainment in the form of an old couple that came into the bar, proceeded to instantly start making out (and a little bit more...yuck) at a table...which is very hard to see in the picture on the left below.  At that point, they pretty much had the whole bar's attention.  Then the picture on the right was all I could snap of them (without being super super creepy) driving off.  Yeah, that's really safe.

We got to see Andrew that night when we got home and chatted a bit and then went to bed.  It was up around 9 and Andrew went to the store to get us some delicious breakfast food.  Then it was girls time that was shopping.  In particular, Erica was nice enough to go on a shopping escapade with me to look for these curly hair products that I had gotten recommended the week before.  So after we shopped and spent some money on new products, we met her hubby at none other than VALENTINO'S.  Oh my gosh.  These in Nebraska don't even compare to the one in Manhattan.  I had to go.  And I will go back every time I'm in Lincoln or Omaha.  Yum.  If you don't know what it is a glimpse.

The menu and us waiting for Andrew, posing in front of the menu!

Oh and Erica made me take these pictures.  She thought Andrew and I were nuts because we pretty much got the most food you can possibly imagine...from all different cuisines.  And then after only ONE plate, she was ready for dessert - Andrew and I looked at her like she was completely nutso.  No way, we were going back for more...which is what you see on the right.  Mix of dessert and pasta.  I will tell you that when I do buffets, I do it right.  

Then we went to see Super 8, which Andrew perfectly described as the E.T. of 2011.  It was at this super swanky all digital theater that they have the hook up for free tickets to because they are friends with the owner.  Um, so awesome.

Then we hurried home and got ready to meet some girls out for dinner.  I was excited to finally get to meet Erica's high school friend Elizabeth and a girl that Erica worked with in Dallas and was cousins with Erica's now-neighbor in Omaha...Kate...did I lose you?  Anyway, we met at a restaurant in Mid-town, Loft 610, and had the best dinner.  It surprised me because the only person that all of us had in common was Erica, but everyone hit it off great and it was wonderful conversation.

We were going to meet our friend Van and her bf Cortney in Old Town..but everyone was pretty beat at that point, so we stayed in the area around where they live and then went back to Erica's house to hear some pretty hilarious/mortifying stories about Elizabeth's pregnancy---well just pregnancy and giving birth in general.

Sunday morning - after a fun weekend....I left Erica and Andrew's house to this beautiful picture.

Their two adorable dogs, Della and Dieter (the puppy) wishing me off in my drive back to KC!  Here's a close up.  But seriously, how cute is their house??

AND - how cute is their neighborhood!?  I cannot wait to come and visit again and drag old Jimmy along next time to join in the fun :)  But overall, a fabulous girls weekend in Omaha.  Glad they are closer to KC now!!

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