Thursday, June 9, 2011

The random post

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been slacking on blogging due to our obsession with FNL (Friday Night Lights). So this post is a completely random in the sense that "I went through my pictures in iPhoto and realized there were pictures I took and things that we did that I never blogged about". So this is the random post. Aka the catch up post. I think I can commit to keeping up on documenting our life after this. But if the Panthers make it to state....I might not be able to keep that promise. Oh my gosh. I'm nuts!


The weekend of my sister's graduation and this post...I mentioned that Jimmy and I slept in a bed with 6 dogs. And I took a few pictures of it, but here's what I'll share (can you see all 6 of them??):

5 wiener dogs (Puddles and Daisy - my parent's dogs and the dogs I grew up with, Lani - my sister and her bf's dog, Milly and Willy - our dogs) and then Toby (German Shepard/Chow mix if I have never mentioned that before).

We got home from graduation and had been gone since like 8AM. My friend's sister came and let the dogs out and fed them, but we still felt bad for leaving them all day. So instead of putting them in their respective kennels...we had a dog party in my parents bed. The wiener dogs slept on the bed and Toby on the floor. It was pretty much the absolute worst night of sleep I have ever attempted to get. But if it made them feel loved, I guess it was worth it :)

Painted cabinets:

While we were there I took a picture of my mom's laundry room cabinets she had been working really hard to paint white. Here is the before and after:

I think they look AWESOME! I am encouraging her to do the whole kitchen and all the trim in the house. Eh - quite the task, right? Well maybe I'll be an all star daughter and offer to help her!! Never know when I might get the inkling to paint ours...

Newest nephew got baptized:

Baby Will got baptized that same weekend as my sister graduated. We missed out on the fun party on Saturday night at my sister in law's house, but got back in town for the ceremony. So fun - I love watching people get baptized. It's so amazing to think how that moment really changes a life!! But anyways, I did get a lot of pictures, but this was the one I liked a lot. Of Jimmy's middle brother Mike and baby Will in the back of the church. They look like twins!

Horrible dog mom:

Somewhere in between there was some incredibly insane weather here in the midwest (KS/MO). If you haven't heard of the tornadoes in Joplin, MO and the complete devastation of that town, you have been living under a rock. It was so terrible to hear all the stories of the people that were there the night the tornado hit and crazy that there were people that I know that were directly impacted. If you have any extra $$ you feel like giving, I will encourage you to give anything to the American Red Cross. There are so many people that lost everything they ever knew, including loved ones. I cannot imagine and continue to pray for them.

We were lucky that there were only a few incidents of tornado sirens in KC, but only a few touch downs in the area and no significant damage. And here we get to the "horrible dog mom" theme. Jimmy left for work earlier than me one day and left Toby outside and I was like "yeah, I can get him inside". Well I spent some of my pre-work routine chasing that dog around the backyard and he refused to come inside! I called Jimmy and asked him if he thought it was ok I left him outside and he said yes, so I went to work. Then I was sitting in my 10-11 meeting and the rain started. Not just rain, but a full blown thunderstorm. All I could think about was poor Toby outside with no shelter and scared!! I left work after my meeting and took my lunch break to go get him. This is what I found when I got home.

Poor baby! I'm pretty sure he ignored me for the next 5 days. Worst dog mom ever! However, I think he learned his lesson........

The Royal's game:

My friend from work is from STL and always organizes an outing to the K when the Royal's play the Cardinals and we were finally able to go this year!! It was so fun - hot, but really fun! They set up an awesome tailgate and we got to meet some fun new people. I usually don't ever stay the whole game because I get bored, but we kept ourselves occupied by moving seats (shade to sun and back) and chatting with friends!

Cute nieces!

It was also this cute girl's birthday and we headed out to Ben's game to wish her happy birthday and see them off before they went to Disney World for the week! And we were twins!! So cute! Happy 4th birthday Kenlie!! was another one of our niece's birthdays - Katy! She turned 2! Look at how cute she is!

So many fun presents!!!

We had a fun time celebrating her birthday with our family and their friends :)

And finally - to round it out, Jimmy attended his first dance recital :) I couldn't wait to see what he thought! Maren, another niece (all from different brothers!), had her dance recital and we were able to go see her put on a good show! So cute!

She was a star - and check out that little boy!!

In the mean time, Kenlie was so anxious to watch Maren dance...and then fell asleep! How cute is she! She didn't wake up until intermission and then wanted to know when Maren was dancing- oops!

Anyways, there you have it - I think I'm all caught up on life and things I have taken pictures of that I just left in iPhoto. And we all know that's never a good idea.

Hope summer is keeping you busy and everyone is enjoying it so far!!

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