Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day: 2011

On this Father's Day - what is more fitting than to call out what makes my dad so special?  He is definitely one of a kind and the most amazing person, teacher and dad I could ever ask for.  Literally.  He is always so helpful...with pretty much anything.  Whether it is house projects (to no end), carrying things or really just anything you ask him to do...

And he's a pretty amazing dad to my sister and I.  Pretty freaking amazing.  What a wonderful example of a man to have in our life.  I would say that I followed the mold of marrying someone like my dad (Jimmy and him are a TON a like!)...because pretty much, I couldn't imagine a better man.

He really likes to hang out and watch games or just with the boys...

And is one of the few people I know that goes to a restaurant, orders a virgin strawberry daiquiri with whipped cream on top and eats it with a fork : )  And loves every minute of it!

So to my dad, I hope he had the best Father's Day ever and his foot is feeling better :)  We got him this cordless drill that he has been wanting for a long time and I think he really liked it :)

But I cannot forget the other wonderful dad's that I'm so blessed to have in my life.  Including my father -in-law, seen below at our wedding with his wonderful grandchildren!!  Will was in his mom's stomach in this picture :) And my 3 older brother in laws that are wonderful dad's....glad they are a great example of what a father looks like for Jimmy!!

And then you have my grandpa's that I am blessed both are still alive and I have been able to have in my life for so long.  First off, my dad's dad...Orin.  He is a farmer from Iowa and is one of the best guys I have ever known.  Always has great life lessons and words of wisdom.  He is just a phone call away and is always so excited when we call him :)  This was when we went to visit them after our wedding!!

And finally, my mom's dad, who is just as wonderful!  He is a Methodist minister in Kansas City and is a wonderful example of a man that has lived a Christian life cycle and raised a family of 4 with lots of grandkids and great-grandkids.  We are lucky they are close and get to see them regularly!

So a shout out to all you dad's out there - it's a hard job (especially dealing with the mom-side of things....because I can only imagine how much Jimmy will have to put up with me even more when we are parents someday)!!!  

And a final shout out to the Wassinger's :)  It was one year ago today that they tied the knot after a long engagement and now they are in Omaha, where I actually visited them last weekend (promise, that blog post is next...) and had a great time!!  Wishing them a VERY happy anniversary!!! PS How cute is this picture of them a year ago??!


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