Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag day = my mom's birthday

SO this year, I made it a goal to get my mom's birthday post....on her actual birthday (unlike last year) :)  So here we go.

We didn't end up doing anything "cool" really at all.  Jimmy and I were busy after work getting our Carter family picture taken, but we did stop by after to say HI and chat.  My dad is in the process of tiling my parent's master bathroom - which the progress looks AMAZING!  I am for sure going to post it to the blog....just wish I had before pictures.  

For you birthday, Mom - I wanted to let you know you are awesome and amazing and fantastic.  You are always there for me.  Always.  That's what amazes me about your love.  It's never ending.  You always listen, you always tell me the truth and not just what I want to hear.  You never get mad when I call you...say hi...complain about my day for 15 minutes straight and then say "I have another call, can I call you back?".  I mean what an amazing mom...friend...role model...expert advisor.  :)  I mean, for me, they are all one in the same.  Because you are all those to me and more.

And guess what?   Even with all the mushy stuff aside, she's pretty freaking cool and fun and funny to hang out with.  Like really fun.  Check her out here bowling.  How fun is that??

Oh and check her out at the bars when we visited my sister in Manhattan.  That's pretty fun!!

And she's a fun and amazing wife.  31 years they have been married now.  And they can still laugh together.  Something to strive for, right?!!

And not only does she love us (her daughters, husband and son-in-law), but she sure loves her grand-dogs.  All 4 of them!  And still keeps up with her own dogs, who are so wonderful and we've had since we were kids!!

Mom - there's so much more I could say...and I think you know that!  But please know you - you are amazing, I love you and am so thankful for a cool mom like you!!  Even if I did complain my pre-21 year old life about you sending me to school when I was young.  I thank you for that now because guess what, you do know best!!!

Happy birthday and here's to MANY more wonderful birthdays!!!

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