Monday, June 13, 2011

Just another day in paradise

Nope - you aren't confused. The title of this post is the same as my blog. The title of this post is the same as the blog link (minus the "1" on the end of the URL).

I'm not confused either. I did that on purpose. Because the last 24 hours fulfilled the name of this blog. And really one of the many reasons blogs existed - to vent.

So here it goes.

Sunday, 9:48PM - I yell at Jimmy and be really really mean because I was frustrated about all the things that I had to do and are going on. It really wasn't his fault at all. He's really the most wonderful person ever. But unfortunately for him, he has to live with me and I apparently can find lots of things he does wrong. Like not clean. Like not do this, that and the other. He takes it like a man and even when I feel bad and apologize he says, "Nope, you are right. I need to help you out more." who's lucky here? Remind me of this whenever he tries to convince me he's the lucky one. Nope, it's me.

Monday, 5:13AM - my alarm goes off to work out. I'm happy that the dogs didn't wake up in the middle of the night. Jimmy and I run into each other walking out our bedroom door to let the dogs out. This is his first step in helping out more. However, I use it as an excuse to go back to sleep and not work out.

6:13AM - my legit wake up alarm goes off. I get up to shower and do my getting ready thing. I decide to wear this super cute green dress I borrowed from my sister to work with a black cardigan. When I try it on, I convince myself it's not too low cut.

And then my hair looks bad. Too flat, too dark (dyed it last night).

7:29AM - After getting ready, changing the laundry, putting dinner in the crockpot, eating breakfast and making my lunch - I'm out the door to work.

7:49AM - I am parked and walking out the garage and realize that I am essentially flashing everyone with this boobage. I freak out. I cannot make it through the day feeling this uncomfortable.

9:15AM - Jimmy saves the day after my desperate phone call to him to get a black tank top out of our closet and please bring it to work! And yep, no questions asks he does.

Work day ensues - I seem to mess up 13,000 things and pretty much feel like an idiot all around. I give people wrong answers in emails, I find mistakes that I made....and the list goes on. So yep, all around feeling good, right? :)

3:28PM - I head down to where Jimmy sits for a conference call with a retailer. As soon as I go into the elevator area I realize I forgot my badge. Which doesn't sound bad, but in these buildings, you are stuck...literally. I wasn't getting in anywhere or back to my desk to get my badge. I get down to the level I am going to and stand at the door until someone lets me in.

5:10PM - Conference call is over and I have to go to Jimmy's desk to have him save the day again and take his badge and me up the elevator and let me into my floor.

5:16PM - I'm eating a sandwich and printing off my PowerPoint slides for my grad school class at six when I realize I have no cash for the parking meters. Epic fail. Again - I instant message Jimmy to see if he has money or I can take his car because he has lots of change in it. Again, he agrees and I go to his desk (again) to get the keys. And he gives me the $1.30 of change he has left at his desk for snacks. And smile at him.

5:29PM - Walking out of work I realize I left my slides that I printed off...on the printer. Another epic fail.

5:45PM - Was planning on stopping by my sister-in-law's house to look at my niece's dress and compare the color with my dress I am wearing in our family picture tomorrow..then realize I left the dress at home. Awesome. I text message her and she's nice enough to email me not one, but TWO pictures!!!

7:50PM - Class is over early and I have some time before my 8:40PM spray tan appointment.

9:00PM - back home. And somehow is a bad mood again. Jimmy is downstairs watching TV and I somehow find a way to get mad at him again. WHAT is my problem? Then he cleans the bathroom (is my husband normal?). It actually does make me happier.

9:48PM - 24 hours later, I'm sat down to start typing a blog post and reveal to the world what a crazy wife I am. I was very frustrated....but you know what I tried to keep telling myself? That it can only get better - the week can only get better. Because what I am living is my blog title - I just lived through "just another day in paradise". Which is real life. But it's my life. With my wonderful family and my wonderful friends and my WONDERFUL husband and dogs. And I'm lucky to have woken up today. And I'm lucky to have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in - especially with so many without due to recent tornado devastation. So yeah, today, not so much the best day of my life. But the small optimist in me that has rubbed off from dating Jimmy for so long and being married 14 months as of last Friday (yep, he sent me a card AND a text message to remind me), that tomorrow will be better and I was lucky to live just another day in my paradise....

Cheers. And I hope you cherish every one of your days in your paradise...


  1. Is your husband normal?!!! Honestly- Jimmy is amazing. Not that my husband isn't- but we are trying to work on his inability to apologize (which would solve A LOT of issues in our house!)!!

  2. I could've written this post! It's so easy to take everything out on your (my) husband, and it's so unfair since they're the ones constantly supporting us. You guys are so cute!