Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Instant streaming with free time

From the first week in may until the first week in June - my life completely changed. Pretty much did a 180. Why?

Let's see. I went from having 2 volunteer roles through Pi Phi - one a pretty intense one that I had for the last year in which I oversaw the financials for 15 chapters and another acting as the "treasurer" for the Artisans and Angels event - and going to class once a week on Monday nights for grad school. So on top of everything else, there was a lot going on outside of my regular work. But I took my final right before we went to Mexico, finally got all my financial reporting together for the event and passed over the baton as the financial specialist...and it happened. I had free time.

It was actually pretty crazy. Jimmy was actually making all these comments about wanting to hang out with me. Nuts. I know :) But most of all he just couldn't believe I was willing to sit still and not to 3 things at once. Well one of the things that we decided to do together was pick a TV show to watch together. Because we are pretty much polar opposites when it comes to picking our TV shows, which is why we don't "hang out" at our house at night. Haha. We started to hunt for the perfect season of shows to get hooked on.

And that's when THIS post happened. Yep, that's my friend Vanessa and a post about her trip to Austin and lots of pictures of the Friday Night Lights stuff from the filming there. I had no clue what her title of the post meant "Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose". No clue at all - I just enjoyed the pictures on it. And then I saw that Heather posted something about FNL on facebook. And then I was talking to Vanessa's mom and she was raving about the show. So I came home and proposed to Jimmy that we watch Friday Night Lights. And holy.cow. We are obsessed.

We started with Season 1 and I feel like every night for the last month we have tried to watch at least 1 episode, if not 2 a night. It's addicting!! And it's such a good show!! So glad my friends and everyone else recommended it.

And yes, now I completely understand what everyone's obsession with this show is. I know exactly what "Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose" means and I love that title. And going through Vanessa's FNL tour post again - I love it even more.

So anyways, in all my spare time that is what the Mr. and I have been doing. Fun, huh? Well the funniest part of it is that we watch it through Netflix on demand through our Wii and since that's through the internet and our internet is so horrible (we are cheap) I cannot get on my computer, browse the web, type blog posts...anything on the internet, while watching this show. So that has done 2 things. (1) make me actually watch the show and not do 4 things at once and (2) make me blog less. Bummer.

But this Monday, it was back to school (sing that in the Billy Madison voice, it's way more fun) for me as my summer grad school class started. Which is TWO times a week for TWO and a half hours each night. Blah. But I guess it's worth it because it's only 2 months. I got spoiled in the spring with just one night a week :)

Are there any TV shows on demand/instant streaming that you just LOVE?! I feel like there are so many I hear about every time I talk to someone about this...


  1. Vanessa's post also convinced me to watch FNLs. Now I have had no life for 2 weeks and and almost done with season 3. So much for working our and be productive when I get home from work.