Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Views of the valance

I felt like trying to get clever with the title.  I don't think it worked.  Well here you have it folks.

Here is a shot from this post, of our "naked" windows (naked is defined as no valance in this case)


And here is a collage of the valance.  

I think I'm going to take off the little hook things on the side.  I don't like the panels pulled over.  Do you??

Also.  They don't match the curtain rods.  I know, but I'm running out of time and money on this project - and I caved and bought the double curtain rod.  And that was all Target had at 8:30 on a Monday.

However, bad news.  I hate the valance.  Yep, it's true.  It's not long enough and there is not enough gathering.  See the protege that I am judging it off of.   Take a look at this and then back at my valance.  Nope, this valance wins just because of the gathering.

 So now what happens??  Um - I hurry my little butt up and figure out how much fabric I need for these accent pillows and make sure I have some extra fabric left.  But I think I'm in trouble.  I don't think it's long enough.  Not sure.  But if so, I will cry.  And I don't cry.  So pray there is enough fabric.  In the mean time, I think I can cross it off my list.  Because it's "done" even if I need to change it - I might run out of time before Saturday!!  I got things to do people!

(1) Recover the bench that was in the family room (and just white) and put it in the hallway

(2) Make some pillows
(3) Make a valance to go in the family room and keep the red panels underneath with the main print
(4) With my other creation, the console table, use it with the baskets I put in there

Only one to go.....but there was something to cheer about Monday night!  THIS console beauty is completed.  All ready to be fully used.  Want to know what this started out like?  Oh, you can just go to your local lumber store and pick up some 6X8's (or something like that).  Yep people, this was lumber at one point....and now it's my console table made especially for my family room with the perfect measurements.  And then instead of buying baskets and in an attempt to use some of the wood that was left over...the blue "baskets" made of wood were born.  Yep, those were lumber too at one point.  Now they are blue "baskets"...but wood baskets.  Ana White.  I love your website.  I'm officially obsessed.

Here is a link to my next Ana White project - check it out.  A nice little outdoor sofa...chairs...and a table.  Ahhh...summertime on these is calling my name.  Maybe this lounger too....

PS This is what my console table looked like pre-console table.  
Crazy, I know.  I learned how to use a saw, bought an electric sander, used oil based primer, used polyurethane in my house and gave myself a huge headache (bad idea...) and now here it is.  And thanks dad for the recommendation to put furniture pads underneath them so they don't scratch.  They work great!!

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  1. I think it looks good brit! If you are worried about it not gathering as much as you want.. what about making it taunt? I have seem lots of valences, where they are pulled really tight and I think they look good. Then you won't have to worry about it not having enough fabric?! Just food for thought... I need your craft skills!