Friday, June 24, 2011

Something old, something new

As I am getting very very excited to co-host Katie's bridal shower this weekend at our house, I was getting out my punch bowl from the basement storage.  But I must tell you about this punch bowl.  It's special.  Instead of registering for a punch bowl like I was going to do, my dad had told me that my grandparents had lots of stuff that they were wanting to pass down to their grandkids at their house.  So when we made this trip to Iowa after our wedding, I picked up a gorgeous punch bowl set.  It was in the original box and everything.  How neat and special that I get to use it for the first time to host a shower for my good friend.  I love things like this that are passed down because I will keep this forever and every time I use it, think about my wonderful grandparents - and how lucky I am to have them still in my life :)

See that....the order slip was still on the box even!  How amazing!!  And check out what it looks like below.  I didn't get the hooks and cups out yet, but wanted to set it up and see how it looks.  So pretty!

Here is a close up of my grandma's order form....from MARCH 12, 1961.  Oh my gosh.  My dad was only 8 years old when they ordered this.  How crazy and neat that they passed something special like this down and kept it in such great condition.  Isn't it sad to think that we'll not have anything like this to pass down to our grandkids...unless we fork over to them our email addresses with the order confirmation :)

So that's the something old.  And I love it.  And the something new?  Well - I finished the valance last night.  Remember the valance that I hated because it wasn't long enough, but really I was just ready to be done with it.  I swallowed my pride and added the remaining fabric I had left to the end - and it turned out so much better I think!!!

Oh and did you catch the pillow that I made in the picture above?  Well there it is...the bad is the red chenille fabric.  I like it.  So that was my final thing to check off.  I still have another one to make, which I'll finish up, but I think that deserves a "complete".

(1) Recover the bench that was in the family room (and just white) and put it in the hallway
(2) Make some pillows
(3) Make a valance to go in the family room and keep the red panels underneath with the main print
(4) With my other creation, the console table, use it with the baskets I put in there

Wahoo!  To do list, crossed off.  Ready for some fun in the family room :)  Now we just need some new carpet....haha.  One thing at a time, Brittany.

Finally, check out a close up of that gathering ....just what I was hoping for.  And you can't even tell where I added the fabric.

Happy Friday!

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