Monday, July 11, 2011

College Bed

Fourth of July weekend was great, however on Sunday...we spent the majority of the day ripping up carpet in our bedroom. On our anniversary, we ripped up the hallway to see what the hardwood floors looked like before we committed to paying a large sum of money to get them refinished and stained. So the date is scheduled - July 18 they start....and that meant we had to rip up the carpet in all the bedrooms. We were prepared to rip all of them up ourselves, but lucky for us, my wonderful father said it was too hot to do any work outside during the afternoons leading up to the weekend, so he ripped up all the carpet in the office and guest room. We just had to do one room....but the big obstacle was our furniture. It's huge, heavy and hard to move (the 3 deadly H's). Jimmy and I were able to get a good start on it - but when it came to the bed, we needed reinforcements aka a man because my muscles just aren't that big. We are having movers come to move all the furniture out on Saturday, but moving the bed once to get the carpet up was enough, so we decided to just keep the bed downstairs in the basement and just move it once. Therefore, we now have a mattress on the floor that is our bed. And nope, not a box spring and mattress - just a mattress because our bed has drawers underneath it that act as the "box spring" I guess.

So for the last week this is what we have been sleeping on. It's funny and super low, but still a comfy bed. The dogs are super confused because it's so close to the ground. I also hope none of them have been lifting their leg on the comforter that is sitting on the floor...... but I call it our college bed :) Mainly because it's about exactly what Jimmy had in his apartment when I met him - about 6 years ago!!! However, it wasn't a king and it was a little higher up due to the box spring. But still - we know how to live it up in the Carter house and have been enjoying our new found "college" life. Next week - back to the "adult bed" - boo.

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  1. i can't wait to see your refinished floors!!!