Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy birthday Dad!!!

Yesterday was my dad's fifty eighth birthday!  For those of you who like numbers better than words....that's 58 :)  But boy oh boy, he acts like he's still 40 and you have got to love him!  I really don't know that I have met one person that knows my dad that doesn't like him.  Honestly, he is the nicest, most kind-hearted and hard-working person I have ever met in my life.  He has been such a constant source of positive energy and fun for my sister and I growing up and now is rubbing off on Jimmy too.  

And check out this guy :)  How can you not like him?? He's pretty happy because after our dinner my mom bought him a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  And if you know my dad, he LOVES ice cream.  He even worked part time at DQ one summer.  

Other things he loves?  My sister's dog, Lani!  She is like his little baby.  And I had to get a picture of the cool star graffiti cake!!!

We all met at Texas Roadhouse on Tuesday night to celebrate my dad's 58th year of life with some delicious rolls with cinnamon butter and some delicious food.  So fun to hang out with my family and ring in another wonderful year of life for my dad!!!

Ok - so a story about my dad.  First off, my sister, mom and dad traveled to Austin, TX last week (which was why Jimmy and I stayed at their house when we were getting our floors refinished and watched all 6 dogs).  My sister was happy to share a few stories about my dad.  One was early in the morning in their hotel room.  My mom was up early to go to a meeting for the conference she was there for.  My sister had told my dad she wanted to get up early and be at the pool.  Well, there is mistake #1 because the definition of "early" to my sister and dad is VERY different.  My dad was probably up at his usual 5AM and had already eaten a few bowls of cereal downstairs.  So my sister woke up groggily to my dad walking around the hotel room.  She asks him what he was doing and he says, "How do you get this microwave to work?".  And she said "Dad, that's a safe".  Oops - apparently my dad is not too up to speed with his technology :)

Another classic that Vanessa mentioned on her comment last year on my dad's birthday post is that when my dad was growing up, he was messing around with his cousins and brothers shooting bee-bee guns and one of the bullets ricocheted off of the back of the shed and came back and hit my dad in the two front teeth and knocked them out!  He was so scared to go tell my grandpa about what happened!!  And to this day, he still has 2 fake front teeth!!

And honestly the stories can go on and on and on.....

Not only is he a great person, but he's a great and completely dedicated teacher.  He teaches middle school, which I am not sure if I would EVER have the patience and dedication to do, but he's done it for 20+ years, so it's pretty amazing.  And it's funny because lots of this teacher friends are my age!!!  But he has worked so hard over the years for the kids and for our family, including finishing his masters at KU right around the time when my sister was born.  So picture this....1988, a new baby, a three year old, you work full time as a teacher, then drive 40 minutes to attend grad school class some nights of the week and coach to make extra income other nights of the week, come home to your wife and two little kids and have school work, home work, house work, etc.  I think about my dad doing that EVERY time I think I'm too "busy" with work, grad school and everything else.  At least I don't have 2 babies at home!!  There was no Internet to take classes online and turn assignments in online - nope he had to drive there (Believe it or not)!   But regardless of that - my mom must have been going crazy too!!!  Ah - the crazy and wonderful sacrifices our parents do to make sure our lives are great.  You have to love them!!!

Dad - I hope you had a great birthday, I love you and can't wait to spend the weekend with you!!!

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