Monday, July 25, 2011

Come and go, here and there

After a week and a half, two suitcases and three states later, I'm back at my house - and boy does it feel so good :)  I departed my house on Friday, July 15 for work and headed to Oklahoma for the weekend right after work to celebrate Katie's bachelorette weekend - which was amazing!  Then back to KC and stayed at my parents house from Monday - Thursday house sitting for them when they were out of town and watching the 6 dogs.  Yep, 6 dogs.  It did work out nice because we weren't able to live in our house beacuase we were getting our hardwood floors refinished. 

Then that next Thursday, Jimmy and I dropped Toby off at the vet, worked a half day and then headed to Branson for the annual Carter family vacation.  It was a great weekend full of fun, family and lots of sun/heat!!  We got back on Monday mid-day and had to put all the bits and pieces of our house back together and stare at our expensive wonderful new finished hardwood floors!

In the mean time, I had a test for grad school on Wednesday and then my final group project marketing plan was due tonight at 6PM.  SO NOW - it's time to celebrate.  My summer class is over and now I have a month off before fall semester starts, only 3 days of work this week - including a fun Pi Phi dinner, time with Vanessa and my dad's birthday celebration mixed in - and then off to Tulsa to see Katie GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, the whole point of this post was to let you know the following:

a) the fact that I am so so so excited that I get to sleep in my own bed tonight with Jimmy - and the mattress is not on the floor.
b) where the heck I have been and with photo cords stuck at my house, I wasn't able to update any blogs with pictures!!
c) show you a sneak peak of the newest edition of our house - hardwood floors that now cover over 1/2 of our house (and our sweet dog Willy)

d) show to you how ridiculous my husband is with his weird tank top shirts

e) say hi and I have LOTS of pictures so share, so good thing I have time to post them here in the next few weeks!  WAHOO!

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  1. The floors look great!!! Hope you're getting caught up on life...can't wait to hang out tomorrow! :)