Wednesday, July 6, 2011

katie's wedding shower

This is a long over due post.  But Katie's wedding activities are in FULL swing and we are getting so excited for July 30 to be here.  She's under the one month mark and it's so exciting!!!  Keri, Lauren and I hosted a shower at my house a few Saturday's ago and it was so fun!!!  It was fun to see Katie's family, friends and watch her open all of the fun kitchen presents!!  Here are some fun pictures of the shower!

We had a nice spread of brunch dishes - including 2 new fun recipes that I got to try!  Lauren also made some delicious punch with some champagne to mix in :)

It was quite the party with college friends, her mom and grandma and lots of present!!

We started off with playing a game called "how well do you know Katie's kitchen?"  It was funny to hear her answers - like how she hates leftovers oh and that she's a mustard girl.  Guess that is who she roots for at the Royal's game races!!  (PS - love Lang's face in this picture!)

College friends!  Megan, Katie and Krista

Bridesmaids with the bride!!
Me, Keri, Katie and Lauren

Best friends!!

Megan brought her sweet baby Grace as well!  In Krista's post (please read this for HILARIOUS pictures of Katie - so funny!!), she mentions that Grace was the floor cleaner because she was scooting all over the floors and boy was I glad I made Jimmy clean the hard woods because I would have been mortified to have that sweet baby come up with lots of dust on here :)  She was so adorable!  Even Lauren got to help feed her!!  Look how good Studer looks with that little girl - think that is a sign? :)

Katie with her mom, sister and grandma :)  Love those ladies!!

What I call next is....the wonderful montage of Katie's facial expressions!  Haha.  She is hilarious and was so excited to get all the wonderful presents for the kitchen and grill!!  So fun to use some of these as well when we got to her bachelorette party at her house in Oklahoma in a week or so!!!

We had so much fun, as you can tell from the pictures with all the laughter, and cannot WAIT for the bachelorette party!!!!!  WAHOO!!

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  1. Sorry again about your couch! It was great seeing your home. See you at the bachelorette party!