Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!

So this weekend was GREAT!  A full four days off and lots of things to do :)  It consisted of this...

Ripping up carpet upstairs.  Thank goodness my dad did 2 rooms on Thursday and Friday because Sunday when we did our bedroom, I came to the conclusion that ripping up carpet is my LEAST favorite house project ever.

Lots of bottled water.  Why? Because Friday and Saturday, there was a boil order in most of Johnson County because of a water main break.  That was interesting.  It was funny because people went CRAZY and all the grocery stores were sold out almost immediately after the ban!

There was lots of cooking.  Including a trip down to City Market early Saturday morning with my mom, dad and sister....where we had a delicious breakfast and did some shopping.  I picked up this amazing apron for Jimmy.  He liked it.  Our fridge was FULL, as we had some of Jimmy's family over on Saturday night.  Check out all the food!

Jimmy's favorite toy.  Love that smoked meat!!!

There was also so planning for an outdoor makeover of our bottom patio.  Plans on that coming soon!

And don't think we didn't take some time to relax.  We did!!  Lots of Friday Night Lights too...

And I mentioned that some of Jimmy's brothers came over Saturday night.  Oh my goodness.  We turned on Toy Story 2 in the basement and they were hooked.  Look at how sweet and innocent they all look on the couch together.  They continue to make me laugh every time we hang out with them!!!

They love Woody from Toy Story!!

Oh Sunday - we were going to do a surprise date, but part of it was outside, and it was raining, so we had to postpone.  Instead, we used a Plaza gift card and headed to Kona Grill for some sushi and drinks. So fun.  I had a completely DELICIOUS drink with some of that new sweet tea vodka and blackberries.
Jam with his standard Sapporo.

YUM!  Look at all that sushi.  It was SOOOOOOO good.  Also, the avocado egg rolls were yummy! 

With the long weekend coming to a close, just some family time left....very thankful for the wonderful country that we live in and all the luxuries we are so blessed to have.  Hope everyone had a great long weekend!!

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