Friday, March 4, 2011

Katie gets engaged!

Ok...and I think I'm finally caught up on the fun weekends in February since this was last weekend and today is less than a week later - YEAH!

Early on a Saturday morning - I left this to road trip it to Bartlesville, OK with Lauren to visit Katie, who recently moved back from Houston, yeah!!

Apparently neither Lauren or I watched the news because the weather was worse than we thought with just some cold temperatures and ice on the highway! After a pit stop for a bathroom break, bag of Munchies, a pack of twizzlers, 2 huge diet cokes, one wrong turn and four miles on a gravel road....we made it to Bartlesville, OK!! Wahoo!!

After a lunch downtown Bartlesville, we headed to downtown Dewey, OK for some antique shopping. I was the only one who bought something and it wasn't really antique, but oh well. But what a cute little street full of fun shops!!

And then Katie insisted that we stop at this Amish store just on the other side of the street where they had lots of samples, cheeses, candles, etc. Katie bought some chocolate covered pretzels that I'm assuming they made. And yep, they were delicious.

Next we headed to Tulsa (after a stop to let Stewie and Ellie out!) and on our way, we made a stop in Collinsville, OK. What is there you ask? Katie and Barry's new house that they close on in a few weeks and Katie will be moving into! It was gorgeous and so fun to get to tour it. Loved it and she wants a lot of decorating help/advice, so you better believe I said I was up for it - but really, just check out YHL...because they're brilliant!

When we made it to Tulsa, we went to Utica Square for some shopping and some coffee. Katie found a really cute wiener dog note pad that she bought for Barry (who we were meeting for dinner later that night). None of us had any idea at all how well her little present set him up for what was to come later that night!!

We went to Redrock Canyon Grill for dinner and it was delicious! Katie and Lauren started off the night with a bottle of wine and I opted for a beer. Once we finally got to the table, they ordered another bottle. Haha. But Was the food delicious - wow. Amazing guacamole, jalapeno cornbread and brace yourself....deviled eggs. At a restaurant? Yep and they were absolutely delicious!

So anyways, when Barry and his friend Greg got there, the 5 of us enjoyed dinner and talked. We had a great view in the back of the place! And did we talk about some interesting things....and let's just leave it at that. I will say I did say during the course of this meal to Barry (in reference to Katie saying moving into a house and buying all new stuff will be expensive)..."Not to pressure you Barry, but if you propose you can always put lots of house stuff on your wedding registry!". Well - I guess I had a premonition or something :)

Because...THIS happened when we walked out of the restaurant. You can read Katie's blog post more for the specific and adorable details (she was SOOO surprised!). But Lauren and were in shock and so pumped we got it all documented because the second I realized that was what was happening...I whipped out my camera, thank goodness!!

Check out that BLING!!

BFFs with the newly engaged couple!!

After all that excitement, I drove Katie, Lauren and I back to Bville in Katie's fancy car that has it set up so she can call people on speaker phone through the car. So it was so fun calling her sister and hearing what she had to say and how excited she was...and her parents freaking out! Haha! Everyone was so excited and so glad we got to hear everyone's reactions.

We we got back, we headed to a new bar called 2 Sister's Pub in downtown Bartlesville for a celebratory drink and then we headed home after a long day!! The next morning, we were up early and off to enjoy a delicious breakfast and one last meal with the newly engaged Katie before we headed out to drive home in this....

Poor Lauren because she had to drive! Thanks :) Hopefully I kept you entertained!!

It was crazy because you couldn't even see in front of you!!

But when we finally made it back to my house, I dragged Lauren to an open house just 3 doors down from us....and got some more great house ideas and projects :) So yeah!!

And now let the wedding planning begin for Katie and Barry! So excited for them and all the fun to come in the next couple months/year/forever!!!! So glad we got to be a part of it!! Love you Katie!!

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