Friday, September 9, 2011

FSF: Anonymous "hate" messages

I decided to give Jimmy a breather this week in terms of my FSF posts making fun of him or talking about the silly things he does. Don't worry, there are plenty more......

Have you ever had a wrong number call you or text you something not-so-nice??

A friend I was having lunch with this week had a funny thing happen to him. While we were sitting at lunch he pulled out his phone and showed me that he just got 8 text message in a row from an unknown number with some "hate" messages. So random.

He told me that previously this week he had gotten 8 text messages from a number that he didn't know saying "Andrew is here" or something of the sort. He was trying to be nice and called the number back to try and let them know that they had the wrong number and really that he didn't care or want to konw if Andrew was wherever he was. After that call, they sent a text message back saying "wrong number". Then my friend just sent one back saying something like "no problem, thanks for the 8 text messages!"

A day later (while sitting at lunch with me) he gets 8 more that all say:

"I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you."

Random and hilarious if you ask me...but then I got a little disturbed wondering what "normal" person would make a mistake in sending hate messages to another person. Let along EIGHT of them in a row. Talk about hitting the send button a few too many times. As for me, I tend to lean on the "nice" side and would probably have apologized 8 times vs. profess any sort of hate/dislike towards my unsuspecting recipient! But to each his own, right!?

Have you ever been the recipient of anonymous "hate" messages? If so, I'm hoping that they were a little less aggressive than this person was!!! I feel like this is something that I would get upset about.

On that note - wishing you the HAPPIEST of all Fridays and a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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