Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Strutt with your MUTT!

And with our mutts, we did just that on Saturday morning in Brookside.

Here are Jimmy and Toby ready to go on a 5K walk/run Strutt with your Mutt!

As you will notice, Milly was not able to attend.  A 7.5lb wiener dog would not do so well on a 3.2 mile walk.  We were even worried about Willy making it because he can only go so far!!!  It was very sad to not have our whole family of 5 there, but we have and idea for next year - if someone will let us borrow their stroller!!  Haha - we saw another wiener dog in one on the walk and it was SO cute!

Here they are - ready to go....KU shirt and all.

We got there a few minutes before the race started and there was TONS of vendors there getting their name out to dog owners - even a lady who wrote a book about her family's experiences with a little wiener dog.  She gave Willy a treat and accidentally called him Billy.  But since he got a treat, he didn't seem to care.  They even had a traveling McDonald's van that Jimmy loved.  

Before we knew it, it was time to GO.  As we were crossing the start line, a man was signing along to karaoke that Jimmy very much enjoyed.  It was pretty funny.  We stayed towards the back while all the serious dogs and owners actually raced.

We were on the trolley trail half of the race and I was creepy and took pictures while we were walking.  We also got to see the wiener dog friend that Willy had met earlier.  They really liked each other.  The minute we got off the trail though (in which the trail was equipped with poop bags and trash cans, more importantly), Toby took a huge dump in which Jimmy had to pick up and carry the rest of the race.  The bottom photo showed just how thrilled he was that he got to carry the whole time....

But guess what!??!  We eventually made it to the end and the FINISH line!  Haha - so exciting!!!  This was the first race that Jimmy ever ran, as well as Willy and Toby, so we had to document crossing the finish line.  We were just thrilled that Willy made it all the way!!!  (We cheated after 1.5 miles and crossed to the other side....shhhh...don't tell)

And then of course we had to get some water.  How fun are the big baby pools that the dogs got to drink out of.  However, Willy was not-so-thrilled to be sharing water with other dogs and that back wash.  But eventually I got him to drink something.

So there you have it - the four of us took on the race to benefit Wayside Waifs and we loved it.  Great way to kick off a weekend and a great way to spend time on Saturday morning!!!  Just wish Miss Milly could have made it - maybe next year, right??

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