Friday, September 23, 2011

FSF: Dog Shampoo

Ok, so our guest bathroom  You know the one that hasn't been redone?  The one that I get ready in every morning and the one that Milly and Willy get their baths in?  Yep, here it is in case you forgot...

Well Lauren used to shower in it, but since she moved out in April 2010, I can count on my hand the number of humans that have showered in it.  Yep.

1 and 2

And their names were Dave and Erica.

Dave showered one day there and came downstairs and commented on his silky, shiny hair.  We both started laughing and giggling.  I asked him what exactly he used.  When he spilled the beans, he laughed too.

Then Erica came in town last Friday night and showered before she and Andrew were off to Lincoln.  And she came down and commented on her silky, shiny hair.  I asked her if she used the Herbal Essence shampoo that I left on the counter?  Nope she said.  She used the shampoo in the shower.  And she thinks it was dog shampoo.

Yep, you read right.  She thought it was dog shampoo.

And guess what?  She was right!  Oh my gosh, what a horrible host I am.  The two people that have showered in our guest shower in the last year and a half have used DOG SHAMPOO to wash their hair!!  I even tried to prevent it with Erica by putting the people shampoo out for her, but it was a little early and I'm guessing she didn't process anything correctly.  But I'm hoping she had a really successful day entertaining her clients in Lincoln and her hair was sparkling and shiny!  For the record, I feel bad.  I do.  But it's still funny, right?


So there you have it for the fun story Friday.

Moral of the story: If you come to our house and want to shower.  Either (1) Bring your own shampoo or (2) Don't shower.

And that's how we roll at the Carter house.

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  1. Who knows- maybe dog shampoo makes your hair silky and shiny! haha. Maybe I should try it :)