Tuesday, September 20, 2011

China cabinet enters the 21st century

Ok, so a long time ago.....we bought a china cabinet off of craigslist.  This is a reminder of what it looks like (or looked like).  

Last week...I got an itch.  With a baby shower coming up at our house (pics of that soon!) and a new table purchased and set up AND a new rug, our little china cabinet that was stuck in 1970 needed a makeover.  So I did just that.  

Since all the china that previously inhabited it was already packed away from when we got our hardwood floor refinished, it just took Jimmy and I's muscles to get the top and bottom of the cabinet outside and some bottles of black spray paint (again the specific kind that sticks to wood, metal and plastic - same kind I used on our chairs).

And wa-la!!  How easy was that?  Well, I had to take the glass out too which is super sharp, but still, not too hard.

After I was done with the top, I had to empty out the bottom and take off all the doors and drawers.  And figure out what I wanted to keep in the bottom.  It was a good fall cleaning exercise :)  Oh AND - the hideous 1970s hardware.  Yeah - that had to go too.

Check out the doors before, during and after.  Also - look in the first picture at the new rug and check ou the new table.  Both fun.  I like them a bit.  Or a lot.

All right, in the midst of all this spray painting (see my FSF post about what I ended up looking like after spray painting all day), I had a little bit of hinge problems after the doors were all painted and dry.  I obviously couldn't keep the old ones and had bought 2 different types at home depot, but none of them fit.  Then I went to Locks and Pulls aka the mecca of hinges/knobs/pulls and found some.  Excellent and I was so happy. 

What I was even happier with was the end result.  I cannot tell you how much I love the black china cabinet.  I even accessorized it with some different things than our china.  Something a little more fun and a little less formal.  I love our china and will be happy to display it someday in our formal dining room probably in another bigger house :)  For now - I found some pictures and accessories that were hanging around our house and made them look pretty.  

Loving loving loving this view from the kitchen.  

Spray paint = works magic and saves lots of $$!!!


  1. So.... this looks great and I have been chuckling to myself everytime I think about the pic you posted on Friday. I also am obsessed with Spray Paint- I grab a new bottle every time I am at the hardware store (lots of colors I don't even have a use for.... its bad).

  2. It looks awesome Brittany!! Nice work! I need to try out this spray paint on a few projects...hmmmm.