Friday, September 2, 2011

FSF: Jimmy's style

And I'm back with another Fun Story Friday.  I took last week off.  Sorry I was busy trying to escape Hurricane Irene.  And to the point....

A few weekends ago, we were walking through the Home Depot right outside of downtown Kansas City in hopes to find lots of 1X4's that were 8 ft for a good price.  Now, believe it or not, I have become a savvy shopper when it comes to buying lumber, so I knew around how much I was expecting to pay.  For some odd reason, this Home Depot didn't have the cheaper version of this cut of wood (around $1.50-$1.75 each).  It was odd because all I could find was these dimensions in a pine wood or treated wood for like $3.00 each - no thanks.  I was convinced we just weren't looking hard enough, so I sent Jimmy on a hunt around the store.  In the mean time, I went and found a couple guys that worked there (remember, this is the downtown location).  They were nice, but not too helpful in that they kept taking me to the same thing I had found that was super expensive.  I found one more guy in my last attempt that started walking all the lumber aisles with me listening to me babble on and on about how I thought it was so weird they didn't have these in what I wanted.....

And that is when it happened.  Me and this worker are wondering through the aisles and Jimmy walks by about 40 ft ahead of us.  He was wearing an outfit that kind of looked like this (sad and funny at the same time that I can actually find a picture of a similar outfit....):

Yep, he was wearing his "work" outfit, which included his "work" hat, which he had to have because some guy on Man vs. Wild had it, a standard tank top like above, except this one was neon yellow and said "phi slamma jamma" (which is his fake fraternity), cut off KU gray sweat pants and...wait for it....

Work boots.  Yep, work boots with shorts.  I don't have a picture of this, so I goggled it and to my delight, some other lady took a picture of her husband working in the yard with similar work boots and swim trunks.  Haha.  I love that I found this on my first try.  Makes me feel better for posting pictures of my goofy/silly husband.

Ok, so now that you have that image in your head.....back to the point.

So anyway, Me and this worker are wondering through the aisles and Jimmy walks by about 40 ft ahead of us - and the worker catches a view of him and turns to me and goes...

Worker: "check out that clown's outfit" (he was trying to be friendly...)

Me: "Yep, that's my husband"

Worker: Horrified look.

Me: "Don't worry, he's actually normal, he just looks special today"

Worker: Laughing and taking me to the same wood pile that was wrong.

While the trip didn't end up with a successful lumber purchase and we had to go elsewhere, it made me laugh, smile, and pee my pants a little bit - and love my goofy dressed husband a little bit more.  Anyone else have stories like that about your husband/boyfriend??  And the big question is: Did you claim them or pretend you didn't know them???  (I almost did that....but he just looked too cute.....)

Happy Friday :)

*******UPDATE TO THIS POST*********
Guess what?  Jimmy saw this post and immediately demanded that I change it.  Not that he was wearing a silly outfit or not that some guy made fun of his attire.  He wanted me to get the type of boots that he was actually wearing right.  Ok, I fibbed.  He wasn't wearing golash type boots - but seriously, that picture that I found was just priceless I had to pretend, figuring the readers would just skip over that.  But Jimmy, oh no, he had to specify exactly the type of WORK boots he was wearing.  He sent me this picture to give you a better visual of what he looked like on that day (this was of course later after he departed Home Depot, lugged tons of lumber around on his bare back, did push ups (some one handed!!!) in between, a few sprint drills, and lugged around some more lumber - hence why he looked so buff all of a sudden.  He went to get a spray tan too - he was busy.  Oh, and he grew blonde hair.  It was a special day).  Thank you Jimmy for your updated contribution - I appreciate your clarification.



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