Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jen's wedding!

Just as we did in June of 2009 for the Griffin wedding, Jimmy and I headed back to Excelsior Springs for our second visit to the Elms resort and spa for another wedding!!  This time it was to celebrate Jennifer and Justin – which Jennifer is my good friend from work and over the past 3 years we have become good friends!  We love Justin and couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of their special day and help them celebrate.  After all the lunch discussions and wedding talk over happy hours with Jennifer and Katie, I know she was so excited to have the day finally arrive! 

We left Kansas City around 1:30 and picked up Katie and Max on the way.  The weirdest thing happened on our way there that I cannot leave out!  It was the KC air show that day and right when we were on I-35 and going around downtown we saw a plane in the air doing lots of tricks.  As we were making our way around the bend, we noticed that the plane was getting really close to the ground and all of a sudden it crashed.  With a  huge explosion, we were thinking that the pilot wasn’t in good shape.  It was so sad and he did end up not surviving the crash and the whole thing was a freak accident.  It was so crazy that in our 2 minutes around that part of the highway that we witnessed that!!  Lots of prayers for that pilot’s family and friends.

Anyway – 45 minutes and we arrived at the Elms and checked in.  With some extra time, we headed to Wabash BBQ that was just nearby and was apparently a very famous BBQ spot.  It was a little small and ended up taking FOREVER (like 45 min to an hour) to get our food, but it was good and we were hungry! 

After our stomachs were full, we grabbed a few beers and then got ready for the wedding.  Jennifer looked amazing walking down the aisle and it ended up being a PERFECT day with great weather for an outside wedding!  I was a little worried because it rained all day and then the sun magically came out and it was a success!!   Sounds a lot like Emily’s luck on her wedding day in 2009!!!  Look at the gorgeous couple standing at the altar!!

Once their beautiful ceremony was over, we all headed inside to get the party started and enjoy the reception.  And it was beautiful!  After talking to Jen for so long about all the work she was doing and all the little touches she included in her day, it was so fun to get to see it all come together and it looked amazing.  The gray and yellow were gorgeous and everything tied together – I loved it so much!!  The room was gorgeous, the tables were so beautiful and the cake was amazing!!!

We were served a delicious dinner of filet, chicken, potatoes and veggies and it was delicious with a few glasses of cabernet J  Jimmy and I had a good time taking advantage of the photo booth they had and especially the clown nose to dress up with.  There were lots of other fun props too!

Then we DANCED the night away.  It was so fun!  After attending all these weddings, I will say that I think I’ve become a better dancer.  Scratch that, I have just become more comfortable with looking like a complete idiot when I dance and am completely ok with that.  And of course the night had to come to an end.  But it was SO fun and I know everyone had a great time.  A final shot of me and Jimmy and me and the gorgeous bride!

Jen and Justin went to Italy for 2 weeks on their honeymoon (so jealous!) and are just arriving back – so I cannot wait to hear about how much fun they had and all the things they did.  I do know that Jimmy would go to Italy with me, so I need to get some ideas in case we have some extra $$ laying around ever!!!

Congrats Jen and Justin – you guys are an amazing couple and are happy we got to help you celebrate your special day!

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