Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving(s) 2012

Our first holiday with the little man started off with a bang on Wednesday morning.  Charlie was in a great mood, in a great outfit and ready to go for the day!

Jimmy and I both drove to work in case one of us got off earlier than the other, so I took Charlie to school and then we were planning on bringing him into Hallmark for lunch.  Jimmy went and got him and we all enjoyed HiBoy, thanks to one of Jimmy's co-worker's husband and son that was so nice to bring it in for everyone!!  Then surprise!  We both got to leave work around noon, so that was awesome because we went right home to spend time with our little man before Carter Thanksgiving.

I have to say really fast how wonderful my in-laws are.  My mother-in-law has set it up so nice because she always hosts their Thanksgiving on Wednesday night so Thanksgiving day is open for all the girls to go visit their family.  So for the last 7 years  6 years (because we broke up for one of them), I have gone over to the Carter house for a wonderful feast.  Sue really always out does herself - it is ALWAYS such a delicious meal and she always has the most beautiful table setting.  

Like I said - she really out does herself for her huge family!! (this was without 5 of us)

The rolls are always so delicious!
With this big family - it's always a good time and there is always something to keep us entertained.  This was the game of have Will point to people and say their name.  He did great!

And then Norah wanted to join in the fun.  However, it doesn't look like she's having much fun!

After our feast - literally - we always have a great time of chatting with each other and playing with the kids.  Which the latter part takes on a whole new meaning now that we have Charlie around.  It's fun because his cousins are enamored by him and it's so neat to see them interact with him and vice versa!  This whole family is baby crazy so he's always being held by someone.

I love this picture too - can you tell the difference? Haha.

Aunt Hillary looks almost like me in this picture - you know, standing with Jimmy and Charlie!  Of course it was a great time and then it was time for bed, for not just Charlie!!

The next morning we lounged around and then when Charlie woke up from his morning nap, we dressed him in his new H&M sweater (with elbow pads....) and headed over to my parents house with a green bean casserole in hand.  Jimmy strapped Charlie in the baby bjorn and he was a happy little camper.

**Notice a trend in pictures of Charlie?   He is pretty much always in a bib these days because he is SO drooly if we don't have him wear one we are changing his outfits like non-stop**

How cute are they?
I love these next couple pictures that my cousin took.  Apparently green was the in color.

While we were getting the last minute touches ready on the meal, my cousin's family had a great time on the basketball court. Her husband had a great time dunking the ball too!

My Uncle Roland and I
My grandmother had surgery on her eye the week before and had to keep her head down during recovery, so she didn't make it to Charlie's baptism, but she sure didn't want to miss Thanksgiving.  Even though she still wasn't able to see - it was so great to have her there!

After we stuffed ourselves again - we dug into some pie and Kansas dirt (my sister makes it and it's SO good), my cousin's kids wanted to jump in the hot tub.  They are just the cutest boys!!  So much fun to look forward to with Charlie!

Ahhh - that's the life, right?

Of course, par for the course, we did take like 100 pictures of Charlie.  So here are just a few...

Mom & Charlie (see the elbow pads?!)

So thankful for these guys!!  My loves!

Wide eyes..
"Look mom, no hands"
My delicious mashed potatoes that looked like ice cream!

My dad and Jimmy on the floor right after Charlie rolled over!
After everyone left, we hung out at my parents and busted out a new toy that we had got at a shower for Charlie.  The Johnny Jumper that goes on a door frame.  It was for sure a keeper!  He loved it!

Then we decided - why not just stay the night?  Jimmy and I went and got our 3 dogs and brought them over to my parents house, along with some clothes for the 3 of us and Charlie's night time essentials.  One of those being the bath tub.  Look at how cute he looks before his bath!

After bath time and bed time - my sister, Jimmy, my dad and I headed out to the Legends (around 9) to go shopping.  We did this last year and it was a blast and we found some great deals.  Oh how things can change in just one year.  Jimmy and I were both so excited that Osh Kosh b Gosh and Carter's were open and 50% off the whole store.  Shopping we did.  Mainly for our little man who was at home sleeping with Nana B and his 7 dog friends (yep, there were 7 dogs at my parents house...)

I was excited about my purchases!
The next day was my sister's 24th birthday and it was very fun to wake up all together at my parents house and wish her a happy birthday that morning.  However, after a long day of shopping - my dad was ready for a nap.  So was Charlie.  So sweet!

After a few more shopping stops, we all headed back home and it was time to organize some stuff and take advantage of this time off at home.  So guess what?  Charlie and I organized our closet and got rid of clothes I will never wear while Jimmy put up the outdoor Christmas lights!  Charlie hung out in his jumper and just loved it!!!

Here was Jimmy's completed masterpiece!!!  He loves colored lights!

Later in the weekend we also put up our Christmas decor inside the house.  The big thing this year was we moved the big tree from upstairs to downstairs, since that's where we are much more and we are loving it already!

It was such a fun weekend.  So many wonderful things to be thankful for.  It's so crazy thinking back to this weekend last year and I had spent the whole weekend knowing I was pregnant and now here we are with a little boy that's almost 4 months old and is such a joy in our lives.  Thanksgiving, feeling blessed and being thankful has a whole new meaning. When I lay you down in your crib every night I just stare at you thanking God for bringing us you and this perfect little baby form.  I'm thankful for so many things this year, including my parents and Jimmy's parents and all the support and love we have gotten from our families - having a baby I feel like brings it to a whole new level of support and love.  We are so thankful for our wonderful friends.  It was so wonderfully overwhelming all the love and support and cards and visits we got from some great people when Charlie arrived and it was such a blessing and reminder of them.  We are thankful for our jobs that provide for our family and put delicious food on the table, a roof over our heads and working cars to get us where we need to be.  We are also thankful for our health, the health of our family and our extended families.  Oh so many things to be thankful that we often take for granted.  

Jimmy and I walked into work on Monday morning saying what a fabulous weekend it was being together with our families and at home with our little man.  Cheers to the holidays!!

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