Thursday, May 8, 2014

30 weeks

How Far Along?  30 weeks (yes, we are now in the 3s....)

Size of Baby: size of a butternut squash

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 25 lbs...maybe this was taken the morning after indulging in ridiculous amount of bar food appetizers with friends (nachos, spin dip and fried pickles- oh my!)

Maternity Clothes: yep! I am excited to get some more tops that I ordered online and finally used a gift card that my wonderful sister in law got me for Christmas!!  Need some summertime shirts as the weather is heating up.
Nursery: I officially have all the ruffles cut and sewed and ruffled! Now I just need to assemble and get them hanging.  Will be nice to have that done.  Still searching for ottoman fabric.  What a mess!!

Movement: She's been a mover and shaker this week- not sure if it was all the walking I did last weekend or not.  Interested to see if my doctor thinks she's moved at all because I thought she was kicking me on the side instead of my bladder...but who knows!!

Symptoms: Still rocking the heartburn but felt pretty decent actually after all the walking- so hoping I can keep that up as the weather is so nice and Charlie loves walks!

Sleep:  Not bad...there have been a few nights I've gone the whole night sleeping without a bathroom break and was impressed (and surprised!).  I have a suspicion Charlie might be getting 2 year molars in and the "mama" screams at night break my heart!

Cravings: for some reason I've been wanting salad this week.  That's a good thing, right?!

What I Miss: Summer/nice weather makes it hard to miss a nice cold corona or other beverage to enjoy outside.  But hopefully I'll only have to go 2 weeks into July this time versus the whole month!

Best Moment This Week: She has been moving a ton lately and I just am treasuring our time when it's just me as her.  You can see her move and flip and it's just so amazing to think that there is a sweet baby girl in there!!

Panic Moment This Week: Just wanting to wrap up the nursery (big stuff is close, which is my main concern).  I have to start my studying too!! 

Looking Forward To:  Seeing the curtains for both the nursery and Charlie's room from my aunt this weekend and celebrating the wonderful mom's and grandma's in our life this weekend on Mother's Day!!!

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