Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday!!

Happy Friday friends!!  We've had a productive week at the Carter house and are looking forward to a weekend of beautiful weather in Kansas City!!! Loving spring!!!

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Nursery colors! Have I shared these? Kind of, but check it all out together.  Been working hard on the ruffled crib skirt this week and it's almost done!!


Nesting? Maybe.  In desperate need to restock my  freezer?  Yes.

I have been pinning new freezer meal recipes like crazy and am loving this site!!  I even made Jimmy pick out his favorites for me to try out and make.  I love freezer meals so much when I'm menu planning, just takes work upfront to get them made and stored away!!

But this site has been awesome and I'm excited to try some of these recipes!!  


Lots of neat stuff going on in KC this weekend worth mentioning!  

First off, I'm running walking slowly in a 5K which is part of KC Corporate Challenge tomorrow bright and early.  Ha.  My new company is pretty obsessed with corporate challenge and getting the most points possible.  So with less people and even less women that work there, it's not always easy to find participants.  There are 2 girls I think within my age range - and one of them is me.  So here I am, saying yes to walk in a 5K.  All I have to do to get points is finish in 75 minutes.  Pray for me.

Then on Sunday morning, Charlie and I will be joining Team Anita in honor of my friend's stepmom that passed away earlier this year.  We are walking another 5K (this time I'll be pushing a stroller) with some friends in her honor and I'm excited to be part of this team!

Finally, there is another fun 5K that I had to miss out on, but wanted to call it out - the KC March of Dimes walk.  My friend, Emily, and her family are walking it to honor her niece that passed away at around 35 weeks in gestation just last year.  Since I wasn't able to walk, a donation fit the bill, but want to wish the McClelland clan a great walk!!



It was the first of the month yesterday, which means earlier this week we were preparing for our May budget.  I will share more on this if anyone is interested on what we've been doing, but we have been using a version of the envelope cash system for lots of our everyday expenses (groceries, baby supplies, house supplies, eating out, etc.) and it's amazing how it really has cut down our spending.  Groceries is a great example- we have gone from spending $500/month on these to just $350/month!!  Which is great.  It's amazing how for us at least, cash is much more emotional and really makes us think before we buy!!  Less spending = more saving.  Which is great!

Jimmy and I have both been involved in the monthly budget, which is SO much better than me setting and telling him what to do! (Ha!).  Learning one month at a time as we ramp up for having 2 little ones in full time day care come October- which is not cheap my friends!!

I will share more on the details later, but we are really liking it!!  Good team effort.


   Daycare fun.  What post would be complete without at least one Charlie picture?

Charlie's school got a fun new online system to communicate to us easily through emails what he does during the day.  It's so nice to not get an extra sheet of paper everyday when we pick him up now, have record of what he did AND they send these fun little pictures of him once or twice a week participating in activities.  

And I just eat them up.

This is him dancing to a song.  Yes, he's got skills friends.

This one - he's showing off his concentration and building skills.  Such a handsome kid!!

Happy Friday and happy WEEKEND!!

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  1. I need to put myself on a better budget. My spending has skyrocketed these days! Will have to take a look at the envelope cash system. -Stopping by from 5 on Friday.