Friday, May 16, 2014

5 random things

HAPPY Friday!  I'm a little late posting this, see as it's Friday night - but let's just go with it.  I went to bed at 8:30 last night because hanging out with my friends and watching the Nashville season finale (OMG) kept me up way too late on Wednesday night.  However, I would give up some sleep for hanging out with Vanessa and Emily any night!!  Especially since Vanessa is finally back in KANSAS!! Wahoo.
Anyway, here are a few random things for you.

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Remember how Mother's Day was just this last Sunday? Yes - I actually do have a post that I am going to write on Mother's Day in general - but wanted to share the neat and Charlie made gifts that we gave Charlie's Grana and Nana.  I took some painter's tape in the letters of their name and then let Charlie have at it with paint.  I probably should have limited colors that look good mixed - as they are not the prettiest thing - but it's the thought that counts!!!  Thank you Pinterest!


And it makes me happy we get to play/eat outside lately too!  Hopefully it doesn't get TOO hot TOO fast.



More of these to share (she got a LOT of cute ones of Charlie!!), but a few weeks ago we went out to Lake Lenexa and got some family/Charlie/maternity pictures taken by the talented Amanda Malone Photography.  It was technically the make up for Charlie's one year shoot because we had to cancel that due to him falling down the driveway and then when we tried to reschedule in August, poor Amanda had broken her arm.  So here we are, April 2014 with another one on the way, getting the pictures taken.  I LOVE this one.

We got the CD this week and I can't wait to scatter new photos all over our house!


Toga party.

I swear this kid and his dad are always up to something.  I posted this on instagram, but wanted to say it here as well for a funny memory. 

I was sitting downstairs studying for my Series 7 and all I could hear was Jimmy yelling "toga, toga" upstairs and Charlie hysterically laughing.  Then the little man came running down the stairs to show me this.  Oh my goodness.  Already ready to party.


Swim lessons!!  We are 2 weeks in to our session that we had to reschedule after Charlie was puking the first day of the originally scheduled one.  Let's just say that this week went better than last.

But he seems to be having fun and this week he screamed when it was time to get out of the water.  I take that as a good thing and that he enjoyed his time!!!


Oh the Royal's game.  So we have a little date night on Saturday night.  It's pretty much the highlight of Jimmy's life up to this point - I've decided.  All based on how he is SO excited and literally wakes up every morning asking me more questions about these awesome seats we have.  All questions which I have no answers too. 

I won these awesome tickets from my company and am going with some co-workers tomorrow night and Jimmy.  We will sit right behind home plate!!  Like I said, every boy's dream, right?

I can't wait to get their 2 hours before the game either and watch batting practice.  Ha.  Do you sense my sarcasm?  Hopefully we will be done in time to meet my high school friends out after Jen's engagement party!!!!  I sent him this picture on Monday when I finally had the tickets in hand.


And this is kind of number six - but the weather has been cooler in KC lately, so it sure doesn't feel like mid-May and that Memorial Day weekend is just next weekend (crazy!), but the sunsets have been HEAVENLY from our front porch.  Even looking over the big trucks (which by the way, is fantastic entertainment for a toddler to stare at them when they are working), that beautiful setting doesn't get old.  So much to be thankful for!  Happy weekending!

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  1. I just have to comment. A couple years ago I had work meetings in KC. Tim came along and I surprised him with Crown seats for him and Webb. I had a long, miserable work day and he had a crab legs and booze filled fun fest. When he told me it was "the best day of his life" I nearly threw my heels at his head. I hear the seats are awesome- and at least you'll get to enjoy the food based refreshments with him!