Thursday, May 29, 2014

Five on Friday- tired boys and poop

Happy Friday friends!  Can you BELIEVE that this Sunday is JUNE!?!??!? Where is the time going?!!!  We are on the 6 week countdown until Baby girl Carter is due to make her debut!

As I was scrolling through my pictures in my phone- I found a common theme that I thought would make a good portion of my five on Friday this week:  SLEEP.

Apparently people were tired this week!! Plus talking about Charlie's obsession with poop.  ha. Happy weekend!!

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School's out for my dad!!! 

My dad came over to our house Friday afternoon when school got out in hopes to play with Charlie.  Little man was still snoozing trying to fight off his ear my dad and Willy plopped on the couch And took a nap too.

I think his summertime is well deserved!!



Here are my two babes.  Poor Charlie battled another stinkin ear infection rolling into the holiday weekend.  Poor guy just wanted to snuggle on Thursday night with his sister and I had no objections.  

However- I have every line of Toy Story 1 and 2 memorized now!


Jimmy and his wiener dog took a nice little snooze on Monday afternoon, while Charlie destroyed the Sunday paper and I sat there.



Charlie snoozing in the car on the way home from Iowa last weekend.  He actually slept some on the way home- the way there was another story!!


So {luckily} there are no pictures with this one.  But I just have to document this. 

My kid is obsessed with poop.  Not his- but the dog's poop and poop in the toilet (no, not his).  

Every time he's out in the backyard and sees dog poop he literally screams "POOOOOOOP" at the top of his lungs and points to it until you get there with the pooper scooper to pick it up.  If you don't get there fast enough, he will sometimes pick it up with his hands and attempt to throw it. Gross.  This boy likes a clean yard.  

And then every time he finds me going to the bathroom and waltzes in to see me sitting there, he always points at me and yells "POOOOOP".  I have explained to him, not every time mommy goes to the bathroom means poop, but he doesn't quite get it.  It's fine, except when we are in a public restroom together - I can only imagine what the other patrons think!! But then he always wants to put down the lid and flush.  So I keep telling myself, that is a habit I want him to keep up when he finally does get potty trained!!!

Anyone else's kid have weird obsessions like that?!  

Ha! Good way to end this one right?! Happy Friday friends!

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  1. Hilarious! Brantley has started yelling "BOOBIES!!!" every time I pump.