Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wild boy quiet time

My friend Ali and I were talking last night about our boys.  And how they are ALL boy.  She did a great post on what exactly those boys are like and how, while we love them with all our hearts, sometimes these on-the-go-24/7 boys can be a bit tiring and challenging as a parent.  And throw another kid into the mix (which she did already!), and it seems to get a bit more challenging.  

But such is life and we love those boys and are glad they are healthy and able to be as active as they are.

We just pray our little girls are a bit more calm, right?!??  We can only hope!

With that said, I thought these Sunday late morning pictures that I shared were only fitting.  

You see, Jimmy was cleaning up the kitchen after we are lunch and I needed to go upstairs and get ready for a wedding shower I had that afternoon.  I figured I would pull a few toys out of the playroom and put them in the family room/kitchen for Charlie to maybe have some independent play time.  I gave him some paper, markers, and the table and was so pleased as I walked upstairs at how cute and content he looked coloring there.  He was loving taking the caps off the markers, coloring and putting them back on. 

I walked upstairs all smiled thinking what a big boy he was turning into and how proud of him I was!! And how nice that we were both able to get a little something done without him hanging on our legs!

About 10 minutes in....I heard Jimmy say "Charlie!!" But didn't think much of it.  

Until they walked into our bathroom looking like this.

Yes that's marker all over his face...and his pants...and his arms...and in the crevices in the palms of his hands.  Oh Charlie.

Apparently he was a little "too quiet" and jimmy got suspicious and looked over to him laying on the ground just coloring himself. 

Glass half full thinking??  He's definitely creative, right?

Glass half empty thinking?  More laundry and a kid that will soon find more things besides paper to color on (I.e. walls, furniture, oh my).

So there you have a glimpse into our attempt at quiet time playing with a boy that doesn't so much enjoy being quiet. 

Happy May Day!!

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  1. you have got to get the Crayola markers that only color on the special paper! that way if they color on anything else - themselves, walls etc. nothing shows! it was a lifesaver when our girls were that age!!

  2. Hey There! I found your blog on blogloving...long story. I got to reading and couldn't stop. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a wild child :) I hate laundry. It's the WORST. I'm glad I found you. I'll be following along.

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