Tuesday, May 20, 2014

32 weeks - only 8 to go!

Wahoo BABY - Ummmm...I think I/we grew from last week a lot!
Charlie acted like he wanted to join the picture - however he didn't smile.
And look at how LARGE she looks.  And low.  Sheesh!  No wonder my pelvic area hurts carrying that around all day long!

I finally got him to change his SMUG impression a bit. What a cutie.
How Far Along?  32 weeks 

Size of Baby: size of bok choy (?)

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 29 lbs 

Maternity Clothes: yes- and it's getting HOT.  However, I wish my arms were toned to make up for my huge belly!

Nursery: Ordered the rug and going to order a few more things that we still need- like a second camera, changing pad cover.  I rearranged the room last week though...and I'm excited because I'm going to put a little "reading nook" on there with pillows, books and quiet toys.  Eventually for her, but in the mean time for her brother to make him feel welcome in her room but encourage quiet play.  Yes, I know that won't probably happen- but it's worth a shot, right??

Movement: She's still moving and shaking and I am thinking she's head down because most kicks are up in my ribs. 

Symptoms: Well folks- it's official.  The swelling has started.  And the water weight has started.  I am happy for my week by week with Charlie because I went back to the 32 and 33 week posts with him and this is when it started last time.  Just so not a fun part of pregnancy that I like so much.  With the heat, water and walking don't seem to help.  No where NEAR how swollen I was at the end but had to pull out the fake wedding ring this week in fear mine would get stuck!!
Sleep:  Surprisingly still ok on this!!

Cravings: Still loving on that watermelon and Charlie is too!  I'm also loving frozen lemonade at night.  Very refreshing!

What I Miss: Being able to tie my shoes! 

Best Moment This Week: With the nursery coming together, I love just going in there to sit and think about what all will happen in this room.  Even when crazy Charlie is in there, it's so fun to think about the two of them!!

Panic Moment This Week: Walking the swelling starting really got me down.  It was just not fun last time and I was hoping to somewhat avoid it but may

Looking Forward To:   A long weekend with family in Iowa.  My grandma hasn't even seen me pregnant and Charlie has changed so much so it will be good to see her, my aunts and uncles and cousins!
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  1. You look great!!! I can't wait for Little Miss Carter!!

    1. Thanks lady - me neither! Then the countdown is on to meet your sweet boy or girl!!!!!!

  2. so close to the end!! the swelling must be a near the end mixed with summer thing, because with April and September babies, I have never had it this bad before, and it's only May! I sleep with ice packs by my feet, and that has seemed to help a little bit, but I hear ya, so ready to meet these little ladies!

    1. Yes! I put ice on my feet and other areas (!!!) all the time! I have yet to be pregnant not during the summer - so it is good to have your perspective too! We are so close!

  3. Only 8 weeks left--that is so awesome! And you look great!

    PS: I have been thinking about that frozen lemonade since last week. I need to make some asap!!!

    1. Vanessa - I'm addicted :) The regular frozen lemonade is just as good at the pink too! I can't wait to bring it over and enjoy on your patio in just over a month!