Monday, October 27, 2014

A GREAT weekend

Most weekends are good weekends, but I tell you what- this weekend was a great weekend. And we really didn't even do much.  But I marched into work Monday morning and was just happy as a clam about our weekend happenings, so I must share.

First off- I got to hug my friend Vanessa and see her new baby boy, Nash, Friday over my lunch hour.  After a long day of labor for her on Thursday, I was giddy to get to the hospital to give her a big hug and see her sweet and healthy boy.  A great way to start off the weekend!!

We kicked off Friday night with our first Halloween party at the kid's school.  Maddie was sleeping when we got there, so I left her in the car seat and poor Jimmy had to lug it around!

But it was so fun to see all the kids dressed up and just melts my heart when one of Charlie's classmates (always a little girl) see him and goes..."hi Charlie" and gives him a hug. Nothing cuter.

However, Charlie was really into the dance party and watching a bigger kid dance. He's been asking to "dance party" all weekend- which I have been obliging to by playing shake it off by TSwift and dancing obnoxiously.  YOLO. 

Ok so first of the milestones of this milestone weekend?  I put Maddie in her crib at 8:00 and she not only slept until 6am (which isn't unusual if she's in her rock n play but never in the crib) in her crib the whole time! I couldn't believe it! Way to go Maddie!!

Saturday was low key and wonderful.  Jimmy went to work the ACT while we baked banana muffins and took some food to a friend that just had a baby.  After naps we just hung out until it was time for bed and then this mama snuck out for a moms night out with my bff Emily to see Gone Girl.  The movie was good, the snacks were good and the company was the best.  I need more nights with girls please! 

Sunday we went to church and then hurried home because we were having people over for the Chiefs game.  And this is when the milestone weekend continued!!

While we were watching the game, my MIL was on the floor hanging with Maddie on her tummy and just like that she went from stomach to back!! I about died!!! Can't believe it's time for this already.  *insert sobbing*. However I was quite proud of my baby girl because earlier that day I was commenting how she'll never roll over herself because Charlie will never give her the chance because he likes to "assist" her (aka he rolls her over!). Apparently she heard me and wanted to prove me wrong.

After the football game and before dinner and the royals game (yes our life tends to revolve around dad watching sports), we hit up our favorite park to enjoy the 85 degree weather. Say what?!? In October in Kansas? Yes. It was amazing!

Instead of wearing this lady in the Ergo...we decided to see how she would do in the stroller without the infant car seat.  And guess what? She rocked it and loved the new view!!!!!! I seriously wanted to cry she looked so big just watching her brother play and play and play!  Milestone #2 for Maddie in just ONE day and the third of the weekend.  She was on a roll.  Literally.

And really quick - how cute is this bow?!?  I made it Saturday in like 5 minutes.  Just a few stitches in my sewing machine on the elastic and then some fabric glue.  She loved it!  (more on that later)


Ok - so for the final milestone for the weekend.  Well, that was one for Charlie's baby book.  Sweet boy went potty in the POTTY!!!  Seriously.  We casually talk about it, he tries every time at school, but nothing.  I decided to buy him a book about it from Amazon and it arrived on Saturday, so we ready it a few times and apparently she just peed in it before his bath.  

When he came in with Jimmy to tell me about it, I was in the middle of feeding Maddie so I tried not to scream but hugged him and hugged him and told him how proud I was!!!  What a big boy!!

And that my friends is why is was a GREAT weekend.  Seriously - these are the moments that make me so happy to be a parent.  So proud and excited for these milestones and all these fun things that are part of my sweet kiddos growing up.  While I don't want them to grow up, fact is that they have to, so we might as well celebrate these things.  

Cheers to a great weekend leading into a great week!!!!!

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  1. I just love weekends like that! And it sounds like yours was so amazing :) Maddie is getting so big but so darn cute! And yay for Charlie going on the potty! My kids are also loving Shake it off at the moment and we usually have a dance party to it every day!