Monday, October 20, 2014

Brother and sister

I think the thing that made me the most nervous when I found out we were having a baby girl (besides the impending drama a girl teenager will bring- I'm very aware of that since I was one!), was what exactly Charlie and his baby sister's relationship would look like.  As kids, as they grow up and even as adults.  

I have one sister and Jimmy has four brothers- so neither of us grew up with the opposite gender as a sibling, so you can kind of understand why.  Immediately I started to search and think about people I knew that had that growing up to get a glimpse into the future. 

My best friend Lauren has a brother just two years older that we all grew up with too.  They have such a wonderful relationship, especially now as adults, that it made me a little more excited and less nervous about adding a girl to our mix!! I looked to my nieces and nephews too, since they all have a mix of at least one boy in their family! And then a few other sorority sisters that have great brother/sister relationships that I have looked and thought a lot about.

In addition- one of my favorite shows, parenthood, showed me a fun tv spin on what it looks like to have a brother/sister growing up.

And now that Maddie's been in our family for almost 4 months (which seriously how is that possible!), I'm just loving seeing these two start to form their sibling bond.  I will always say that the best thing we can give to our kids is a sibling (or siblings if we are blessed with more kiddos), because I know my sister is one of my favorite people in my life and Jimmy thinks the same thing about his brothers.

Here are a few cute things about their relationship already:

Charlie is already super protective of her. When I take her in his classroom to pick him up at the end of the day she's in her car seat and his friends are super excited to see a baby.  When they get near he shouts "my baby Addie" immediately and if someone is trying to touch her he shoos them away. (We are still working on adding the "M" to her name)

When she cries even a little, he will proclaim that "Baby Addie is crying" and then tells me that "Baby Addie is hungry".  When she's just chilling, he says "Baby Addie happy!".  

We usually do bath time separate for now (I give her a bath in our bathroom and Charlie is in his with dad), but he always come after baby to give mommy and baby Addie a kiss.  He insists, even if she's eating. Pretty sweet.

Because she's not old enough to steal/take his toys yet, he's actually quite generous with them and will bring her lots of his toys and set them by her nap nanny or where she is laying on the ground.  It's quite sweet.  He even offers up his tag AND his blanket (which are quite sacred) to her daily!

He even tries to share snacks with her- however, we have made it pretty clear that since she has no teeth, she cannot partake in his snacks.  This was all after he stuck a cashew in her mouth.  At least we know she doesn't have a tree nut allergy, right?

She loves to just stare at him.  He's quite the character and I'd love to get an inside view into her little mind as to what she's processing when he see him dancing around and screaming or laughing.  It's pretty cute and I'm excited for her to get a little bigger and start interacting more!

**he insists on giving her goodnight kisses every night..and yes, we are using snowman PJs already**

It's crazy that I was even nervous for a second about having a girl.  Crazy I tell you.  Because she's prefect.  And she's the most wonderful addition to our little family and we couldn't be more thankful for her.  And I pray everyday that she and her brother will have a great relationship- because siblings truly are the best!!

And because the world series starts TOMORROW....and Jimmy and I are going to game 2...I have to say this: GO ROYAL'S!!!!

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