Friday, October 10, 2014

Five Tested and Delicious Freezer meals

YEAH!  So this was my first FULL week back to work and Maddie's first FULL week at school and I would call that a success!  So happy Friday!

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Instead of random things - I'm going to post 5 of my favorite freezer meals that I have actually tried and are Carter house approved.  To be honest, I pin and pin and pin different freezer meals because I love to try new ones. But to be honest again, many of them are just plain gross and aren't even worth the effort that I put into them.  So here are a few of the recipes/links that are super easy and super delicious for ANY night of the week!

I've mentioned this before on here, but I have to mention it again.  It's so easy and so delicious.  I actually threw this in the crock pot frozen this morning and then added frozen broccoli when I came home, popped some frozen brown rice in the microwave (and then hat broke...but that's another story) and seriously delicious dinner.

Plus Jimmy loves that it's not chicken...



This was also on our menu this week.  And again - it's a hit.  Jimmy spices it up even more than I make it because I tone it down for Charlie and I.  But it's so good and so easy with just a little work the day/night of cooking to add the freshly cooked pasta and the dairy.

I made this quantity and split it in half and froze it and it's been plenty for us all to enjoy and even for Jimmy to take some for lunch.


Pioneer Woman Chicken Spaghetti.

It's as good as it sounds. I usually make this amount and then split it before freezing because my little family doesn't eat that much and we are not good at leftovers.  But oh man - it's good!!



Hamburger patties can be expensive when you buy them at the store - but if you can get some hamburger at the store for $2.99 a pound, it's quite the treat.  So I usually like to have a few of these frozen to just pop on the grill, throw some frozen tater tots or french fries in the oven and wa - la!  A delicious meal or even something quick if you want to have some friends/family over!


Finally - shredded chicken.  

I will tell you what.  This is a must have in our freezer.  Perfect for Mexican food (chicken quesadillas, chicken tacos, chicken enchiladas), a quick pasta dish (aka hamburger helper or a pasta side made meal), or to throw on a salad. 

All I do is take chicken breasts (ALWAYS wait until these are on sale at $1.79 or $1.99 a pound, which is at least once a month), throw them in the crock pot with some water and turn it on.  When they are done, I throw the cooked chicken breasts in my Kitchen Aid mixer, shred it up and throw them in quart size bags and first in the fridge until cold and then into the freezer.  

All five of these are literally life savers and SO delicious. So get to cooking!!!!!

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  1. Have you thought about starting a freezer club?? I've done it with a few Moms, you meet once a month and make enough of the same meal for everyone, and then you go trade! Seriously the best thing ever!!!! And you get 5-6 meals and only have to cook the one!

    1. Emily - I am in one of those! It's so awesome!!! It's kind of dwindled down because a few people have had babies - but it's great and I love it!

  2. Love this! I actually started a blog post a few weeks ago with some of my favorite (and most simple) Pinterest recipes! Can't wait to try these!