Saturday, October 11, 2014


Oh my goodness.

Have you heard the news??

Ikea is open in Kansas City.

Seriously, it's the best thing ever and I feel like I pinch myself every time I drive by it on the highway - which is quite frequently - realizing it's in KC to stay and we don't have to wait until we go on vacation to visit one and only limit ourselves to things we can carry back on the plane.

It's just so exciting!!

I was nervous to venture there in the first few weeks because there was SO much hype about it, I figured it would be so busy.  Like I even heard people were planning family reunions there.  Seriously?  I'm not sure if that's true - but at least I can confirm my family is not THAT crazy!

Maddie and I made a trip there on the last week before I went back to work full time and she slept and I had a blast.  She was bound to get hungry so I didn't make a full trip around the store...but headed right to the kids section with my mind already set on a few things to pick up.  Thank you for ikea for sending me the catalog in advance :)

So what did we pick up?

On the top of my list was this cool rug:

It's the perfect addition to our play room for under $15!  Charlie loves cars and tractors and all things with wheels these days so it is great and already getting lots of use!

Second on the list? This awesome table top paper roll holder and of course the paper roll.  I had the perfect DIY table in the basement ready for it to live.  And guess what?

It's Charlie approved which is the best part!

As for the table? I held off on the kids ikea table and chairs for now, since I whipped this up a while back.

All it is is a few cube shelves from target, and then 4 2x10 boards that are painted with chalkboard paint on top.  Thanks for Jimmy for messing up these boards that were originally supposed to go on our kitchen table he's building....because now they live here and are perfect!  And my sister for the idea to paint it with chalkboard paint!!

But the paper roll holder + paper was so cheap and I'm sure it will provide hours of fun!

We also got a potty from ikea to start the idea with Charlie (since all he does is complain about diapers) and I picked up some cinnamon rolls for Jimmy- that were gone in two days!

Overall- quite the success for our first trip to ikea.  I'm over the moon that we have one here!!!

Any other great finds that you like at IKEA!??

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