Thursday, October 9, 2014

Baby girl is 3 months old

My sweet three month old.  Seriously - where does the time go? 

Length:  I think just a little bigger than 24.25 inches

Weight:  14 lbs 2oz

Head: long and skinny like her dad

Maddie was three months old last Saturday (yes, I know that I said she was four months old in my last five on Friday post..oops.  #mombrain)

  • Your smile and the look you give me just slays me. Girlfriend, you have me wrapped around your little finger!!!!
  • Sleep is still doing great - you're in your room now and we are officially being lazy parents and still have you in the rock n play at night.  We get you in your crib every once and a while, but are working on it.  It's jsut so hard because you sleep so good - so I don't want to mess with it...but as we learned with your brother that once we all get used to something, it all has to change!
  • Still rocking those size 2 diapers
  • So you pretty much cannot fit into 3 month or most 3-6 month clothes.  Seriously - this makes me SO so sad.  Stop growing up so fast!
  • Just like that, you skipped up to using 8 ounce bottles.  I took you to get weighed and based on how much you weigh and have grown, she suggested putting more than 4oz in your bottle.  And you take three, 5 ounce bottles per day and are using level 2 nipples.

Things you like:

  • You love to eat and thank goodness are not having any issues going between breast and bottle.  That was a huge worry of mine, but you are rocking it as long as you get to eat!
  • You love when people smile and laugh at you. You seem to mimic our faces.  When I smile, you smile.  When I laugh, you TRY to giggle!!!  You are getting SO SO close to all our giggling and we all cannot wait!
  • Thankfully, you and your big brother are just the best of friends.  You stare at him constantly.  I cannot wait until he realizes that he's looking at you because he will be "funny" for you.
  • You love the pacifier still - which is great!
  • Bath time = happy time for us.  Even if you are screaming or so tired, the minute you get into that warm bath, you are all smiles.  I love it.  
  • So I wouldn't say you "like" the car seat - but you don't scream bloody murder like you used to - so just one step at the time!
  • when mom picks you up from school!!!!!  I love it too!!

Things you don't like:
  • When no one pays attention to you!!  Ha!
  • You're not a big fan of other people (family) members watching you at our house.  We have left you 4 times with other people - once for ZBB concert with Grana and GG, twice with Nana and Papa when we went to two weddings and once with Aunt Lulu and Casey.  You were pretty fussy and crying most of the night they say.  But guess what?  You seem to be happy with your teachers - so that's important!!

Special memories:
  • First bath with your brother
  • Trip to the pumpkin patch - it was a little (ok a LOT) windy and cold, but it was so fun to go as a family of four!
  • Dinner with friends and hanging out with Jack Cindrich!
  • Our first week ALONE - just the three of us in our house while dad was out of town for work.  We survived - it was interesting, but fun.
  • The look on your face (smile!) when I go in to get you up in the morning.  So happy!
  • I am missing our days together.  This month was so nice to transition back into work and school part time.  It was so nice to go one day and then the next get to sleep in and snuggle with you.  But such is life and we are making new sweet memories together!

A note to our girl:

The "fourth trimester" has finally come to an end so they say.  You are not a "newborn" any longer and it's crazy to me.  Crazy to think of all the things you have done and how much you have grown and changed so far in these three months...but thinking about all the ways you will change and grow and what you will learn in the months to come.  It's funny doing this the second time around because the basic things are the same, but SO many things are different.  It's so fun to see you develop into your own little person with your personality.

While we had a blast living it up this month just the two of us, it finally had to come to a close right as you turned three months old.  You know, just the time we started to get in a good groove.  But already you have adapted to going to school and are doing so great.  You even got named "all-star baby" the other day.  Mom is so proud.

I was watching you sleep in your crib for a short stretch the other night just looking at you.  Wondering what kind of little girl you will be and so excited for all the fun things to come with you. What color will your hair be?  What will your voice sound like?  But also wondering what kind of little girl you will be - praying and hoping that as your parents we can help mold you into a sweet little girl that loves others and is kind and helpful and funny.  I know you will be all those things, sweet girl.  But in the mean time, I'm going to soak up every baby moment I can get and every baby snuggle and bath time you will give us.

Your parents


Just for fun - some outtakes from the photo shoot and here is Charlie and Maddie's THREE month side by side picture.

Those lips...

Tummy time girlfriend.

Baby jeggings.....I love them.

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  1. Hey Brittany - I read your blog, and you might not know me - but I am Erica's husband's sister :) AND I just have to say that our daughter, who just turned 1, slept in her little rock and play until 6 months and it was GLORIOUS! And even better, she transitioned to the crib, no problem! So just rock and play and sleep and love every minute of it because you have found the secret! That is all.

    1. Kristine - yes of COURSE I know you silly!! I was just talking to Erica about your sweet girl's first birthday party. Thank you for the comment and that is SO great and reassuring to know that someone else had such luck with them sleeping in that early on AND an easy transition to the crib. I go between stressing out about it and not caring because she's sleeping well and so am I!

  2. How are these babies 3 months already?! Didn't we just have them?! Wahhhh!!!! She's so precious!

    1. I have NO idea - it's seriously crazy. Hope your sweet boy is doing goood - they just grow up way too fast !!!!